Step into the surreal world of LV’s Pre-Fall ’23 collection

Step into the surreal world of LV’s Pre-Fall ’23 collection

Meaningful change comes in all forms as Louis Vuitton presents a spell-binding manifestation of the Pre-Fall ’23 collection — all it needed was a spark of surrealist imagination to transform even the most expected, utilitarian offerings.


Louis Vuitton Racing Urban denim jacket, denim pants, wool knit crochet hat, leather messenger bag


Louis Vuitton Monogram workwear denim shirt, Carpenter denim shorts, Aquagarden cotton crepe tanktop, Montsouris denim backpack


Louis Vuitton Monogram wool hoodie, Pointillism nylon hoodie, Pointillism nylon shorts, Keepall denim bag, cotton socks, LV canvas skate sneakers


Louis Vuitton Sophisticated Café Racer wool baseball jacket, Ripstop nylon cargo shorts, cotton socks, Shark rubber clogs, Christopher canvas backpack


Louis Vuitton City wool blouson, silk satin pyjama shirt, silk satin pyjama pants, LV Runner Tatic leather sneakers, canvas and leather tote bag


Louis Vuitton Pointillism workwear denim jacket, Pointillism workwear denim pants, denim bucket hat, Keepall leather bag


All clothing & accessories courtesy of Louis Vuitton


This story first appeared in the June/July 2023 issue of Men’s Folio Malaysia.