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Fashion Sensation: Yearning for More

Fashion Sensation: Yearning for More

In a world of abundance, scarcity’s allure persists. Technological advances proffer choices, yet genuinity holds value. Reflecting on fashion’s evolution and its melding with social media, diversity needs to be captured along the influx of redefined trends.

From left to right: (On Chanyo) Tops, skirts, boots, all Onitsuka Tiger; Leggings, glove, Stylist’s own (On Chanyo) Tops, shorts, pants, boots, all Onitsuka Tiger; Glove, Stylist’s own

Jacket, shorts, all Louis Vuitton; Leggings, Stylist’s own

Jacket, shorts, all Prada; Glove, Stylist’s own

Pants (worn as top), top (worn as skirt), shoes, all Hermès

Jacket, top, pants, shoes, all Dolce&Gabbana

Scarf, Dress shirt, pants, Maxi Sardine bag, all Bottega Veneta; Boots, Onitsuka Tiger

Top, Emporio Armani; Glove, Stylist’s own

Jacket, pants, Dior Buffalo loafers, necklace, ring, all Dior Men

Photography Chee Wei

Styling Liew Hui Ying

Grooming ChuFan

Hair Juujuugon

Photography Assistant Tajul

Styling Assistant Hui Sin

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