MF Couch: Jack Gohr on taking the centre stage and enjoying the limelight

MF Couch: Jack Gohr on taking the centre stage and enjoying the limelight

In the midst of life’s flurry and commotion, there exist those whose mere presence effortlessly captivates the attention of those around them. They possess an extraordinary magnetism that commands the spotlight, their enigmatic allure palpable with a single glance. These exceptional individuals possess an innate charisma that transcends teaching or learning; it is simply ingrained within them from birth. Among these remarkable luminaries, one name shines brightly: Jack Gohr, a rising star. With each step he takes, he embarks on a journey towards the pinnacle of fame, as if his destiny is intricately intertwined with the world of stardom. In this exploration, we delve into the essence of Jack Gohr, uncovering how his captivating aura sets him apart from the ordinary masses.


You seem like an open book from your mannerisms. What’s your zodiac sign? I think that’ll tell us a lot about you.

Oh, I’m a textbook Leo! Trust me, I fit every stereotype about the fire sign — from wanting to be in the spotlight, craving for constant fun and hating awkward silences. I try to make every space with my presence lively so people enjoy my company as much as I enjoy theirs.



Dior Men Wool knit sweater vest; Jack’s own Metal earring


That explains so much, you’re such a natural at being warm to people! Maybe you’re born for this, have you always wanted to be a model?

Fun fact, I used to be a cabin crew for Singapore Airlines but somehow life decided to take me back to the fashion and entertainment industry. I’m a currently modelling but the end goal is to be an actor, and I’m working towards that. It’s all I’ve wanted to do ever since I studied performing arts in college.


It seems like every path you take would bring you to the same place, I wonder what you’ll be away from the public eye.

I’ve thought of it before. I think I would probably maybe still be a cabin crew or be the owner of a small cute café.


Tell us your favorite thing about your job.

Meeting people I’ve only seen on the screen, and working with brands I grew up watching is a dream come true! And it still feels surreal. I have so many stories to tell, and my grandmother has listened to all of them — from the friends that I make, to the challenges I face. I share everything with her.



Louis Vuitton Cotton shirt, denim monogram pants, LV Trainers leather sneakers; Jack’s own Metal earrings


You sound like a homebody. Yes, you know how people go to different places to getaway and recharge? Some people go to the beach, few love hiking, but I just simply drive back to my hometown.


It’s very sweet how you find comfort in your family.

100%! Mostly my grandmother, since she pretty much raised me, and she’s the sweetest. The cutest thing is when she created a TikTok and an Instagram account just to only follow me. It was pretty hard for her to learn but she wants to be updated on what I do.


I’m sure she’s proud of you. You’re on your way to be a successful fashion boy now. Who would you say is your fashion icon?

Locally? Definitely, Alicia Amin! I have so much respect for not only her work but Alicia as a person, her activism and her passion.



Saint Laurent Wool jacket, silk pants, leather sandals; Jack’s own Metal earring


Since you’ve been in the game for a few years now, you must’ve gone through the many sides of the industry as well. How do you navigate through the industry?

I’m quite an open and easy-going person, so it was important for me to learn to setting boundaries, and to protect my own personal space. I think both are equally important in order to maintain your physical and mental well-being.


Any future goals? To be on the front of a magazine cover has always been a dream. I wonder what that would feel like!


Amazing then, this interview would be a great start.



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