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On The Cover: FOURTH & GEMINI front our May 24 issue

On The Cover: FOURTH & GEMINI front our May 24 issue

What does liberation feel like? Does it come from the freedom to transcend one’s environment, where space no longer confines function but serves as a vacuum for imagination? Or is it the chance to break free from the banality of the everyday? Liberation may exist in these ideals — sometimes paradoxical, sometimes forming a duality — that challenges the ways of rules. Like ZEGNA Oasi Lino’s journey where the world’s most exquisite flax fibres are sourced from Normandy, liberation encourages expression in the truest form and with optimised results. Regardless of being amongst wilderness, or in the plainest of slates, liberation is not about being in a place, but having the right state of mind — and the comfort to do so.

For “FOURTH” Nattawat Jirochtikul and “GEMINI” Norawit Titicharoenrak, that lightness began when the pairing took on their roles for the acclaimed series My School President. Since then, they have emerged as standout stars together, moving faster in their careers than one could ever imagine. With the path set ahead for them and now settling into their new lives, the duo have embarked on their next feat — an inaugural fashion week attendance with the ZEGNA Fall/Winter 2024 show in Milan with Men’s Folio.

“FOURTH” Nattawat Jirochtikul

Hi FOURTH! We are so glad to have you on our cover again. How have you been since the last time we did a photoshoot with you?
A lot has happened, for sure. I was filming a new series, as well as working on a new song.

When we interviewed you last year, you were not so sure about your confidence in acting. Now — a year later — would you say that has changed?
Since the days of My School President, I’ve taken on more roles and cultivated new experiences. I would like to think — or hope — that I’m definitely more confident now.

You also mentioned that the best advice you ever received was to “seize every opportunity”. Now that it has been a year and you are (almost) one year older, would you say you have seized them all?
I wouldn’t be so eager to say I have. There’s still more room for me to grow, to experience and learn new things each day. I still take every opportunity as a gift for growth.

(On Fourth) Sweater, pants, SECONDSKIN Triple StitchTM shoes, all ZEGNA

Now that you are well into your career, and it has been a year since you started university, would you say your life is more balanced now?
I would like to think so. So far, I’ve tried to draw a line between the two schedules I have. Like any other actors in the same field, work would always still be as serious for SURE.

Can you share with us something that has made you laugh this week?
My interactions with my fans. [Laughs] They’re always saying silly things that make me laugh.

Let us talk about Milan, it was one of many firsts — your first time in the city and attending fashion week with ZEGNA. Tell us more about how you felt, were you nervous?
It was the first time I felt excited about something this enormous. I was definitely nervous, as you already know; going to Milan and attending fashion week was something I had never imagined I would be able to do.

(On Fourth) Oasi Lino ALBA overshirt, sweater, sweater (worn over shoulders), all ZEGNA

What are your thoughts on the ZEGNA collection? Any favourites that caught your eye?
The jackets, for sure. It’s the one thing that fits any occasion, and I can wear them for a long time. These are the kinds of things that I look out for.

You also chose your outfit for the show, and the fans enjoyed your decision. What do you usually look out for when it comes to fashion?
I would like to think I am fashionable. [Laughs] Normally, I wouldn’t pick something that is so “fierce”. But like I said, I usually look for something that I can wear all the time and have features that suit my personality.

You also mentioned being excited to try Italian food in Italy. What is your favourite dish that you tried while you were there?
I absolutely forgot the name of the food! It was a pasta-style dish, and it was definitely one of my favourites for sure.

(On Gemini) Oasi Lino shirt, Oasi Lino pants, SECONDSKIN Triple StitchTM shoe, all ZEGNA

You have also travelled a lot with GEMINI. What are some things about him that endure you the most as friends?
GEMINI and I have come a long way now. We’ve worked together for so long. He’s the kind of person you’d look forward to seeing at work. I’m just glad to still be able to work with him.

You seem to take the GMMTV Star Olympics very seriously, and sports are an extracurricular activity that you participate in in school as well. Have sports been a hobby since you were young?
I’m a fan of football. It’s the one sport I’ve been playing since I was a kid. Now that I’ve thought about it, it’s actually quite cool to be able to play it for work as well.

By the way, congratulations on the release of your new single, “Candidate”. Are you proud of the reception it received?
Of course. I really like the song; it’s the kind of upbeat music that makes everyone happy. Who wouldn’t like that?

(On Fourth) Oasi Lino ALBA overshirt, sweater, sweater (worn over shoulders), Sweater, pants, SECONDSKIN Triple StitchTM shoes, all ZEGNA

How did you react when the single was first released?
I was curious to know if my fans would enjoy it. Most importantly, is it the kind of song they’ll have fun with?

How did your family react to it?
They love it. I’m grateful for that.

What about dancing? Do you think you are a natural dancer? Or was a lot of training involved in preparing for the music video?
I would like to think I can dance well. Overall, it’s fun for me, and I really enjoy it, but I might need more practice to fully be confident in it.

(On Gemini) Oasi Lino shirt, Oasi Lino pants, all ZEGNA

What have you prepared for 2024 that you can share?
My main focus is to really get to know my fans and try new things, which is very important to me.

I am sure we will see you soon. In the meantime, what is something you would like to think back on before you turn 20 years old?
It’s crazy to think that’s coming very soon. Right now, I’m actually quite satisfied with the things I’ve achieved. And the credit really goes to my fans, who are there every day. Thanks for being on this journey with me.

“GEMINI” Norawit Titicharoenrak

Hi GEMINI. We are glad to finally have you on the cover of our May 2024 issue. Before we get serious, can you share with us how “GEMINI” was chosen as your nickname?
I was named during the Gemini season, which is why my mom chose that for me. The Thai version sounds odd, so English works better.

Having to star in a standout series at such a young age does not happen to most people. I also understand that you are currently navigating both school and your career in acting at the same time. How do you do it?
It adds an extra layer of challenge. It requires careful time and schedule management. While it’s a valuable opportunity for my career advancement, I honestly find it difficult to prioritise one over the other.

(On Gemini) Oasi Lino ALBA overshirt, sweater, pants, SECONDSKIN Triple StitchTM shoes, all ZEGNA
(On Fourth) Shirt, sweater, pants, SECONDSKIN Triple StitchTM shoes, all ZEGNA

I am sure the road to get to where you are at was not as easy as it seems. Were there people who doubted you? And what would you say to them now?
Honestly, during that period, nobody doubted me except myself. Despite receiving constant encouragement and support from those around me, I still had doubts. Everyone spoke positively, and there were no negative remarks. However, my self-doubt persisted. If I could talk to my past self now, I would say, “Look where you are now. You can do it.”

Looking back at your career, what were your most memorable moments?
Among the most unforgettable moments in my life was completing my first series. Equally memorable was stepping onto the stage for my concerts and releasing love songs. Another remarkable experience was participating in the Arena concert. I used to think it was beyond reach, but now I realise it’s entirely achievable.

Would you say you are just like Tinn, the character you portray on-screen?
While Tinn tends to be more reserved, I’m relatively more open. However, we share similar interests in sports and participating in various school activities.

(On Fourth) Oasi Lino ALBA overshirt, sweater, sweater (worn over shoulders), pants, SECONDSKIN Triple StitchTM shoes, all ZEGNA

I wanted to ask you about music. Videos of a younger you singing karaoke are surfacing online, and we also know that you have sung a few tracks for the OST of My School President. Would you — or have you — considered venturing into music as much as you have with acting?
During my younger years, my focus leaned heavily towards music. I was actively involved in school as a singer, participating in music events and contests. Acting wasn’t something I had envisioned for myself. It was only through gaining some acting experience and the opportunity to release music during a series that I became involved in both. Despite this, I still believe my passion lies more in music than in acting.

You spend most of your time with FOURTH. What is one thing you have observed of him that most are not aware of?
FOURTH exudes a vibrant and lively energy, characterised by his outgoing nature. However, during his personal time, he tends to be more reserved. Despite his outward behaviour, his dedication to his craft is evident in the high quality of his work. He invests considerable effort into refining his projects before their release.

You attended your first fashion show with ZEGNA at the start of this year. What was that experience like? Were you nervous? Or was there a part of you that felt like you had always been prepared for that big moment?
Both of us experienced our first fashion week in Milan, which was incredibly exciting and enriching. We learned a lot, especially noticing the differences between the fashion shows there and those in Thailand. Additionally, we had the opportunity to meet numerous Hollywood stars — that added to the thrill of the experience for sure.

Photography Chee Wei

Creative Direction & Styling Izwan Abdullah

Grooming Kunwalitpon Sribonrod

Hair Kongkiat Krissakree

Set Design Sitthichai Phojariya

Production Assistant Ratchada Tuptimphet

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