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Essilor fights digital eye strain

Essilor fights digital eye strain

Are your eyes tired of looking at your computer screen yet? The possible visual health effects such as eye strain and eye fatigue due to prolonged exposure to blue light from the sun – and now even more so – from spending hours on your digital devices, has become prevalent concerns. To make matter worse, according to a global research, multiple devices where an average of more than three different devices are simultaneously being used for various activities per person.

“As we live through unprecedented times, the way we live and work now have changed as part of the new normal. Everything we do on a daily basis, from the way we work, converse with each other, shop, do our banking, and exercise are now very much dependent on digital devices. These new vision habits take a significant toll on the performance of our eyes due to prolonged hours on screens – subsequently causing severe symptoms of digital eye strain.

Increasing number of people are experiencing eye fatigue, digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome.  And yet, for most people, healthy vision is not a priority. Therefore, as the world leader in the eyecare industry, Essilor is committed to raising awareness about the importance of healthy vision and provide a wide variety of solutions in line with our culture of innovation,” said Kathy Park, Regional Vice President, Essilor ASEAN and Korea, during a virtual media briefing.

Kathy Park

In its effort of improving lives by improving and protecting sight, Essilor Malaysia has launched three new products. Firstly, Eyezen Start lenses that incorporate Eyezen’s DualOptim Technology, a new technology for single vision lenses taking into account two reference points – distance and near vision – thereby bringing the right power throughout the lenses. Secondly, the Crizal Blue UV Capture lenses that filter out harmful blue-violet light while allowing beneficial blue light to pass through, while also blocking 100% UV rays. And thirdly, the Transitions Signature Gen 8 lenses equipped with the fastest light adaptive technology.


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