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Unexpected Airbnb finds around the world

Unexpected Airbnb finds around the world

Breathtaking sea views? Been there. Pearly white beaches? Done that. It seems that a cookie-cutter approach has been applied to the bulk of holiday resorts and villas. Although picturesque in its own ways, an oceanic atoll is more often than not the backdrop for reclusive retreats.

However, leave one overplayed trope unchecked for too long, and even the most peripatetic amongst us will have nothing to write home about. Eschew the banal for these four whimsical Airbnb accommodations that are conveniently located in Asia.


Sky Dream Villa

Renowned for its architectural nous, the Sky Dream Villa no doubt belong to the crème de la crème of seaside lodgings. As guests are greeted by the crashing waves and a splendid seascape, it is clear that the scenery only serves as a perfect complement to the striking construction of the building.

With arches protruding from each side of the villa intertwining at the apex to form the roof overlooking a terrace and a private pool on the second floor, one does not even need to venture out to sea to get their feet wet. While one feels his stress and worries melt away under the masterful hands of traditional Thai masseurs, proficient and well-trained staff are also readily available to cater to all whims as well as whip up local delights.

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The Ring House

A beacon of light amidst a misty undergrowth, The Ring House stands tall in a dense forest on the outskirts of Tokyo, 185 miles northwest of the bustling Japanese capital. Wrapped in rings of wood and glass, the multi-storey tower provides a 360-degree view of the dream-like surroundings, completely devoid of human intrusion.

Each level’s height also varies, decided by the function behind it, creating an alternating arrangement of transparency and opaqueness. As an added bonus, a well-timed visit can be extremely rewarding when the see-through walls reveal all the wonders of the four seasons, as Mother Nature works her magic on the secluded woodlands.

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Junoon in the Hills

Nestled in a remote village some 1,869m above sea level, Junoon in the Hills boasts phenomenal views of the Himalayas that are ripped straight from the stills of a David Attenborough documentary. While one seeks solace in this mountain refuge, watch the wilderness spring to life as various flora and fauna set the scene of a surreal wonderland.

Feed one’s thirst for adventure with activities like bird watching and hiking, where one can revel in nature’s pastoral glory, or take it easy and lounge in the rustic shelters of the residence, and let the sunrise bring the spectacular vista into view as time ticks by.

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The Yacht Villa

If a maritime escapade is what one is seeking, then chart a course for an exquisite sojourn at The Yacht Villa. The judiciously placed, nautical-themed abode sits within one of the most stunning beaches of Da Nang, making a harmonious statement as the sun dips below the horizon. Portholes, life buoys, and even a pool adorned with the bow of a cruise are just a few of the details peppered amongst the 823 sqm of luxurious living.

The villa also comes equipped with state-of-the-art amenities such as curved screen televisions and high-speed Wi-Fi; facilities such as a golf course, spa, and a beach club are also a stone’s throw away. With a getaway like this, any sinking feeling will be thrown overboard as one lounges in a cruise-like setting with the comforts of a five-star hotel.

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By Khoo Yong Hao