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#MFMYModelSearch20: Who is KK?

#MFMYModelSearch20: Who is KK?

Yes, we’re still deciding who is going to be the next Men’s Folio Model Search winner. Currently in the final leg of the competition before you get to vote for your favourite contestant, we’re bringing you a mini-series of self-made videos and short interviews where you can get to know the models better, and more importantly, find out which one is best suited to walk away with the #MFMYModelSearch20 title. Now, get to know KK a little bit more:



“I did this video to show that even if you’re 20 years old with a lot of responsibilities but still you can enjoy a fun lifestyle. What I’ve shown in the video is just what an ordinary weekday is like for me. And I want people to know that we have to always have a sense of balance and not get to invest in one thing only.”


How do you achieve an ideal work-life balance?

I would like thank my parents for always pushing me with having a time management skill. And to me personally I’ve always wanted to achieve a good work-life balance as I’ve heard and seen too many people always complaining about their lifestyle.


What do you like about hitting the gym?

The gym is like a home to me where I can release all my anger and frustration and yet have a good time with my closed ones. It also helps me to improve my mentality such as having the goal to push myself harder. I’d use this “pushing” mentality in my daily life to chase after my life goals.


Which video games are you addict to right now?

Currently my most anticipated game is Cyber Punk 2077 but I usually play games often such as Call of Duty, League of Legends and Apex Legends with my best friends.


What’s your favourite car?

My dream car would be McLaren P1.


How much do you like modelling?

Numbers can’t describe but words can – I like modelling in many ways. For instance I get to meet new faces and have a really good time interacting with people. Moreover, I like modeling because I always have a great time working  designers and fellow model friends; we never fail to make each other laughs.