Meet the 8 finalists of Men’s Folio Model Search 2020

Meet the 8 finalists of Men’s Folio Model Search 2020

From over 1,000 Instagram entries to 20 semi-finalists and now it’s down to the final eight. Our much-anticipated Men’s Folio Model Search is back for its third edition, and after weeks and weeks of casting calls, the score sheets have finally spoken and now we have our top eight finalists!

To kick-start the competition, we put all eight contenders in front of the lens for a fashion spread that was featured in our October 2021 issue.


Jack Loo (@jack_lhz)

Bottega Veneta Coat, turtleneck


What is it about modelling that interest you: Modelling is not just about having a good-looking face or a certain height, but the honour to represent one’s scrupulous design and get to know the story behind the art are very interesting processes to me personally. Being a model has also helped me to overcome my introverted and shy personality as I’m now more comfortable to approach and talk to people.


Keischmman/ KK (@kk_double_k)

Dior Men Jacket, shirt


What is it about modelling that interest you: I’d get the opportunities to wear different outfits where I can understand fashion better. As a fashion enthusiast, modelling allows me to broaden my fashion knowledge and grooms me to be a better version of myself.


Sky (@yvngssky)

Gucci Sweater, trousers


What is it about modelling that interest you: The opportunity to try something new all the time, from trying different looks and poses to meeting new amazing people. Though it comes with a little bit of pressure, it’s a good pressure – one that pushes my boundaries.


Vimall (@vimall22)

Valentino Jacket, sweater


What is it about modelling that interest you: I have been interested in the human expression of art, particularly fashion, for a long time. However, being upon in the industry, I believe there is a preconceived notion that all models are just a “pretty face”, but to me that’s a stigmatised misconception. A model is defined as an example to be followed or imitated, so it shouldn’t be all about the looks. But rather, one should always strive to be the best of themselves in every aspect. I want to be able to represent that.


Syed Ali (@thesyedali_)

Dior Men Jacket, shirt, trousers


What is it about modelling that interest you: The difference in experience and knowledge that I am able to get in every job. Also, the fact that the challenges and the tasks that are given to us are almost different every time, for me it’s just a priceless learning curve.


Fabien (@fabienneversleep)

Dior Men Jacket, shirt, scarf


What is it about modelling that interest you: I was approached by a catwalk guru and realised this was something that I could pursue, so why not give it a shot? After that, I realise that modelling is not just about beauty and catwalk – it’s more than that.


Joseph (@helloitsjoseph)

Salvatore Ferragamo Knitted sweater, trousers, shoes


What is it about modelling that interest you: I like meeting and connecting with various people in the industry and through the process I get to learn so much from other models, stylists, make-up artists and even editors. They inspire me to work hard to achieve my dreams and goals. Besides that, modelling surely has boosted my confidence as I used to feel very insecure about my skinny physique.


Syak (@__syakk)

Gucci Sweater, shirt, trousers, sneakers


What is it about modelling that interest you: For me, modelling is interesting because it allows me to become someone else every time I wear different outfits and makeups. Through this profession, I also get to meet different types of people, and it is pretty interesting.

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Photography: Vincent Paul Yong

Editor: John Ng

Styling: Ian Loh 

Styling assistant: Syazil Abd Rahim

Hair: Juno Ko & Keith Ong