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A new Porsche Panamera is coming to you soon

A new Porsche Panamera is coming to you soon

For hardcore Porsche purists, there are a number of faults to levy at the existing Porsche Panamera, despite the overwhelming success of the model  – the main gripe being the optics.

Thankfully, we can expect a new model of Panamera to be released in the coming months as Porsche unveils a teaser video of the new supercar to put our worries to rest (see video below).

Beyond the overall cleaner and sleeker silhouette, the Porsche Panamera also has much more entertaining V8 and V6 powertrains.

And from the sketches, we can see that the wheelbase is also bigger, leaving more cabin space for front and rear passengers.


Being only a sneak peek, there are many more questions left to be answered before we know whether it is a definitive model to get your hands on.

At the very least, Porsche has also confirmed that the performance will definitely upgraded, when compared with its predecessor because of the lighter and stronger materials used.

While there are no details yet on this upgrade, we think it is safe to say that the luxury trappings of the Panamera are here to stay, as is the engine position (although that one is a lot less certain).


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