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On The Cover: Nadhir Nasar fronts our June/July 2023 issue

On The Cover: Nadhir Nasar fronts our June/July 2023 issue

Nadhir Nasar keeps to himself, or at least that is what people think. While the public tirelessly dissects every step he takes — yearning to decipher his true sentiments — little do they realise his emotions find expression upon a vibrant canvas that he cleverly disguises as mere acting.“Here’s a secret to how I bring life to heavy scenes — within each character I portray and every scene I enact, I subtly infuse a part of my authentic self. My acting is a diary of my emotions,” he shares.

Having graced the screen for years, we have come to appreciate Nadhir’s discerning approach to selecting roles — ones that are profound, thought-provoking and leave a lasting impact. His latest venture, ASTRO’s groundbreaking release, Projek High Council undertakes a voyage of questioning academic institutions’ credibility while delving into the intricate and intimate nature of teenage boys. Nadhir’s portrayal of an anti-hero challenges societal perceptions of ethics in Malaysian pop culture, daringly blurring the lines between good and bad. “When acting, I’m living the life of someone out there somewhere. Whether from the past, present or sometimes in the future.” He aspires to be the conduit for untold stories, the voice of the people.

Entering the studio, Nadhir’s presence exudes an illuminating aura that fills the room. “He has the face of an angel,” commented our Creative Director. Adorning his wings for the June/July issue in the Fendi Summer ‘23 Capsule, he carried the ethereal charm effortlessly. Beneath the surface, one would discover that what he shows on screen are the countless characters he kept within him.



In uncovering the authentic core of a person, it is necessary to peel away the layers and expose the true essence lurking behind the mask. What encapsulates the essence of Nadhir Nasar? When inquired about his identity, he recalled the line — “We are mosaics of everyone we’ve ever loved” — that resonates with him. After a long pause, he elaborated that “the real me changes all the time and there’s a fragment of everyone I’ve met in who I am today.” It is not every day we come across such an introspective self-introduction, but Nadhir’s artistic lens reveals his desire to define himself through the prism of his passions.

With captivating cat-like eyes that penetrate the depths of the soul and a smile that possesses healing powers, Nadhir Nasar remains a mystery that resists unraveling. “My fans and I often playfully use the alien emoji to depict me; there seems to be a cosmic connection within me,” he chuckles. “There’s an appeal in the unknown. Similar to the aliens, some might think they have us all figured out, but do they truly? The persona I present to the public starkly contrasts with who I really am.”

Nadhir also seeks depth in every word he speaks, it only takes a few conversations to understand. “I’m not an expressive guy. Believe it or not, I keep it to myself most of the time but I do pour it into my craft,” he explained with a smile. “We have different doors within ourselves and I open every single one when I carry different roles. The next time you see a scene of my emotion, just know that half of it is truly me,” he shares.


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In a world where the keys to a fulfilling existence are as diverse as the individuals themselves, we explore the question of what brings joy to the young actor. “My faith has to be greater than my fears,” said Nadhir.

When asked about his definition of happiness, he simply describes his faith. According to him, a happy life is one that follows the path that brings him closer to God. He’s a spiritual guy. “I’d say I’m grateful. Whenever I’m at my peak I’ll remind myself of my worst, when I’m at my worst I’ll think of my best. I’ll always find balance in what I do,” he explained.

While trying on different looks, Nadhir’s eye glows at the angel wings. “I love it. Any looks that portray me softer,” he said with enthusiasm.


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In contrast to his public persona of a fighter, he shares how he’s more of a gentle soul. “I might not talk a lot but in love I’m the loudest. My love language is words of affirmations and physical touch”. For his fans, that’s more insight on how he is as a lover.

Between shots, we find Nadhir seated with music on and a drink in hand. Immersed in his own company, Nadhir envisioned an ideal day is one he spends by himself, a space that gives time to reflect and let him take a break from the big world. In his mid-20s, he believes that his journey to self discovery is still ongoing and he embraces every version of himself from the past while trying his best for the future.

We often tiptoed around the topic of sadness, afraid of saying the wrong things but Nadhir Nasar values vulnerability. To him, heartbreaks, grief and sorrow fuel his performance. With a phone in hand, Nadhir declares, “let me recommend you a sad song. The best is any P Ramlee Classics” and continues to play “Malam Bulan di Pagar Bintang”.


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Amidst the harmonious backdrop of tunes, Nadhir guides us through the symphony of his first love. With a knowing smile, he acknowledges the universal truth that many of us have experienced — the intoxicating allure of teenage romance. “Well, don’t we all fall in love at 16? Or at least I did and it went on for seven years. We broke up but I have no regrets, I found a lot of myself through falling in love”.

In the realm of acting, the portrayal of emotions requires an understanding of the human psyche, and Nadhir has mastered this artistry. The characters he portrays become vessels for his own experiences and emotions, creating a profound resonance with viewers. It is this genuine and raw quality that captivates audiences, drawing them into his world and forging a deep connection. His ability to evoke intrigue and fascination lies in his embrace of the unknown. Nadhir understands the allure of venturing into uncharted territories — both in his craft and personal journey — allowing him to continuously captivate audiences with his enigmatic presence.

As we delve deeper into the intricate layers of Nadhir Nasar’s persona, a startling revelation dawns upon us: the more questions we pose, the fewer certainties we grasp. Nadhir’s influence prompts a deep introspection, compelling us to ponder: How many doors lie concealed within ourselves, and do we possess the audacity to bravely venture forth and unlock them?


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