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Schwarzkopf Professional Session Label is a must-have for your hair styling ritual

Schwarzkopf Professional Session Label is a must-have for your hair styling ritual

One of the most sought-after and celebrated hair brands in the world, Schwarzkopf Professional is taking hair styling to the next level with the launch of the Schwarzkopf Professional Session Label product line, a collection of innovative hair styling products that is set to change the game.

With catering the professional hairdresser’s every possible need in mind, the Schwarzkopf Professional Session Label highlights a curated selection of 12 high-performance and super lightweight formulas to bring forth the creative vision of its stylist without overburdening the hair.

And for its Malaysian debut, Schwarzkopf Professional Session Label introduces six of the key formulas to the market: The Definer, The Thickener, The Mousse, The Paste, The Powder and The Strong, each with its own unique use and formulated to be layered together.

What makes these products even better are the use of vegan formulas (except The Definer, which will be switched later) for better hair care and also the use of carbon-free plastic resin that is recyclable, continuing the brand’s efforts for sustainable beauty.

With the SKP Session Label, every possible creative hair vision you even dreamt of is within reach. And this extends beyond the professionals, you can even do it at the comfort of your own home, where effortless hair with character and edge can be created through your own hands.

Without further ado, let us bring you through the great benefits and key elements of each formula.


For those looking to tame wild curls and stubborn manes, The Definer is a must-have product in your arsenal. The core formula of The Definer (consisting of Beeswax and Panthenol) is made to shape, control and define curls and waves without the stiffness of regular formulas, which results in natural billowing waves of hair.

And on top of that, the formula also helps to protect your hair from heat damage (up to 230°), which means you can safely blow dry, perm and style your hair without worries. All you need to do is apply the product from roots to ends on damp hair before leaving it to air-dry to get a look with texture and bounce.

Alternatively, you can blow-dry with a curling iron to get long-lasting bouncy curls.


Need extra volume on your hair without that dreaded stickiness? Then time to spray on The Thickener, the resident blow-dry spray from the Schwarzkopf Professional Session Label series.

This bottle is formulated with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Panthenol to increase the grip on your locks without stiffness, resulting with thicker and more natural voluminous hair. The Thickener can be used in multiple ways for different hair styles, be it damp hair, blow-dry hair or air-dry hair.


For shorter hair, go for The Paste, a wax product created with berry wax and tapioca starch that gives your hair a “bendable” texture with a matte and defined finish.

Formulated to create a medium hold, The Paste allows you to remould your hairstyle throughout the day while leaving the hair soft and matte. Even with all the external pollution and your body’s natural sweat, The Paste ensures your hair stay exactly the same – textured, stylish and voluminous.


On the topic of volume, The Mousse is the formula that boasts even better body and hold for your hair, all thanks to its high-performing styling polymer. The key highlight of The Mousse is how you can use it to create targeted volume on desired sections of the hair to lift up your hair with flexible hold, allowing more freedom when styling the hair to the desired shape and design.

For additional lift, you can apply the mousse directly to the roots of the hair.


Next, let’s take a look at The Powder, a fine powdered formula created with Lave Rock that is perfect to create a base for all updos, tousled and “undone” hair styles.

With a pump nozzle to ensure fine dispersion, you can easily apply The Powder on your hair all over or on targetted sections to create the desired look. It is best used on dry hair for maximum effect, boasting firm hold and added volume without your hair feeling too parched or tangled.


Last but not least, we introduce to you The Strong, the dry firm hold hairspray within the Schwarzkopf Professional Session Label series. A must-have in almost all hairstyling rituals, The Strong is the perfect hairspray with micro-fine dispersion that ensures strong hold and maximum control when creating your preferred hair do.

With its fast-drying and flexible formula, you can a intense and flawless finish without getting your hair clumped up with product. Airy, yet potent, this formula does not only give control and hold, it can also be layered and is super easy to brush out without getting your hair tangled – perfect to tame any flyaways and to hold the style in place for the entire day.



The Schwarzkopf Professional Session Label collection is now available for online purchase on its official LazMall flagship store and at selected hair salons nationwide.