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#MFMYModelSearch20: Who is Vimall?

#MFMYModelSearch20: Who is Vimall?

Yes, we’re still deciding who is going to be the next Men’s Folio Model Search winner. Currently in the final leg of the competition before you get to vote for your favourite contestant, we’re bringing you a mini-series of self-made videos and short interviews where you can get to know the models better, and more importantly, find out which one is best suited to walk away with the #MFMYModelSearch20 title. This time around, we present you Vimall:



“I’ve always felt that there is a preconceived generalisation on how models live their life, especially off-camera. With the age of social media being a highlight reel, people only see what the creator wants them to see. Hence, I wanted to let others know that we’re actually not so different from one another. Just like everyone else, we too actually have other hats to wear different times of the day.”


How do you be good at your job and study at the same time?

I have several philosophies in life — but one that I adhere closely in the pursuit for success is to constantly finding more efficient ways of doing things. Logically speaking, Input + Tools = Output. So I focus on maximising my “Input” and sharpening my “Tools”. Since ‘Input’ can be limited by ones depth of experience and knowledge, I tend to focus on enhancing my “Tools”. For example, I do something which I call “subliminal learning”, to catalyse my performance.


How do you to keep yourself motivated?

I stay motivated by always reminding myself why I started. I reminisce my vision as frequently as possible. As motivation can be short-lived, I try to transform the drive into discipline.


What is the one thing you absolutely cannot do without?

Music! It’s just phenomenal how a mix of instruments done right can really enhance the experiences life has to offer. You can almost always see me listening to music 24/7.


Cat or dog?

My cat might hate me for this but DOGS.


What do you do to really relax?

Ironically, I do “nothing” to feel really relaxed. I enjoy wallowing in my own thoughts (which some people may call daydreaming). I love how by constantly introspecting and letting my thoughts run free, I’m able to uncover many new perspectives at the same time attain clarity to form new ideas and vision. A quote by my favourite scientist Nikola Tesla resonates most with me — “Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born.”