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Our favourite collections from Digital Milan Men’s Fashion Week

Our favourite collections from Digital Milan Men’s Fashion Week

With months of lockdown, we were out of touch with the world and nature; and we were lack of interaction with our loved ones and surroundings. A recourse to the impact the pandemic has brought about is the Pre-Spring 2021 and Spring/Summer 2021 collections aimed to bring back the joy that we used to have – be it through creativity or conveyance of good meanings.

It also reflects on our traditional approach to things. Here, we look at some of the brands presented during the Digital Milan Men’s Fashion Week that have piqued our interest with their significant values ingrained within their collections.



An experiment to change the praxis of fashion industry, the Epilogue collection is the final act of the three-part fairy tale of Alessandro Michele created to question the rules, the roles and the functions that keep the fashion world in order. Bucking the norm of using actual models, the Italian creative director employs the brand’s design team to present the collection instead, revealing a host of new creations like Doraemon x Gucci tote, Gucci Jackie 1961 bag and suits decorated with Ken Scott floral pattern.

On the other hand, in the 12-hour live stream taking place at Palazzo Sacchetti in Rome, the presentation offers a glimpse of the behind the scenes like backstage goings-on and shooting of the collection.


Salvatore Ferragamo

Looking to mid-century Scandinavian furniture design, functionalism, clean lines, organic materials and minimal construction underpin Paul Andrew’s latest story for Salvatore Ferragamo. In a hope to bring joy to our life, the clean aesthetic of the midcentury-modern villa at Florence designed by Massimo Tempestini – where the look book and video were captured – blends harmoniously with the sophistication of the Pre-Spring 2021 collection, exuding the emancipation that we need currently.

Composed of sleek silhouettes expressive of lightness and suppleness, the sustainability-centric collection made using upcycled leather and sustainably-produced cashmere, cotton and nylon. Safari jacket, Cuban-collar shirt and unlined suit are seen rendering in mute colours whereas short oversized men’s shirt is decorated with a giraffe-leopard pattern in olive.



When Massimo Giorgetti designed the Spring/Summer 2021 collection, he has imagined the hustle-bustle post-pandemic. Themed hope and togetherness, the collection signifies a new beginning, calling to mind the importance of human values, friendship and creativity. With a 6-minute long presentation video, it envisions the return of our normal life, where we get to meet our loved one and hang out with our friends again, unfolding a collection that is dripped in happy vibe.

Hoodies, short pants, sweaters and jeans are splashed in happiness-inducing colours like tie-dye cream yellow, light pink and neon yellow. The founder has also collaborated with Los Angeles-based painter Seth Armstrong for select pieces including square-cut surfer shirts and sweat ensembles.


Feng Chen Wang

The “new normal” has sparked the latest Pre-Spring 2021 collection of the technical wear designer. The upheaval has galvanised us to reflect on our life, so does Feng Chen Wang. “Spring/Summer 21 presents a meditation on the passing of time, inviting us all to contemplate the relationship between the past, present, and future.”

Showcasing the designer’s forte, a trench coat is cleverly created with a mixture of cotton and nylon, done in green and khaki. A suit, on the other hand, is executed with a playful combination of denim and khaki cotton. The collection is presented via a 1-minute long campaign film of which frames of nature shots and look book shots are spliced together.