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Gucci amps up personalisation game with Ace sneakers

Gucci amps up personalisation game with Ace sneakers

We bet you that every sneakerhead out there either already owns a pair of the Gucci Ace sneakers or would assert that it is one of the must-haves – or both. It has become a canvas for the Maison through which artistic decorations and embellishments are expressed. The different variations make the Ace extraordinary versatile, which consequently means that it goes well with any dress code.

The Ace is also part of Gucci’s personalisation programme where you can customise your sneakers with a myriad of detachable patches. And this should come as no surprise. The calculated move makes perfect sense given that it is in line with the spirit of the Ace, as the individualistic look of the footwear in their varied guises make them an ideal choice for those who have a penchant for expressing their personalities through fashion.

Using the basic white version with a green-red-green or blue-red-blue Web stripe on the side and green or blue shiny croco leather or shiny watersnake leather on the heels, respectively, as his base, creative director Alessandro Michele applies motifs to craft unique variants of the Ace so to give you the opportunity to choose a style that best reflects your character.

For instance, the recurring golden bees stitched onto either the white leather of the body of the shoes or the Web stripe itself, as well as other animals from the Gucci compendium of beasts such as tiger and snake. There are also colourful stars, red hearts and arrow embellished with crystals.

Another incarnation of the Ace comes in the form of a punk-meets-debutante mash-up with gold spikes protruding from the heel and pearls embellishing the Web stripe. Riding the wave of the punk theme, there is a beaten-uplooking pair scuffed with dark marks and printed with dripping green and red fonts that spell out “Gucci”. And the word “Loved”, either in appliqued gold letters or in printed blue ’80s-style script, is employed to amp up the vibe of the other models. Last but not least, the GG Supreme canvas with the Web stripe is decorated with a shiny heel with one version with a strawberry print and another with golden bees.

Thanks to the new Gucci AR-based technology, it is now no longer necessary to go to the Gucci store to “try on” the Ace sneakers. With the Gucci App, you can pick the Ace of your choice, point your mobile device’s camera at your feet and try the shoes on virtually. The built-in photo feature allows you to take photos of yourself “wearing” the models that speak to you and share them on your social media platforms. In addition, it lets you discover and try on designs that are scheduled to be released. Underlying the whole thing is Gucci’s technology partner, Wannaby, a Belarus-based start-up which has recently released the most precise and accurate shoe AR try-on technology that was acknowledged by international industry leaders and AR professionals.

Without a doubt, the dynamic Ace sneakers – with its range of ever-changing decorations – is one of Gucci’s much-coveted items. As such, the app – available only on iOS – serves as an ideal vehicle for Gucci to present the different models to customers all over the world in the most engaging manner possible.

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