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The best collections to celebrate Raya 2024

The best collections to celebrate Raya 2024

Running late on your Raya shopping? Fret not, we have you covered. If you are looking for modern outfits, look no further than Zalia, Lubna and Tom Abang Saufi. Alternatively, opt for Fiziwoo and Rizman Ruzaini if you have a penchant for extravagant creations. Go for Behati’s unconventional pieces if you live by offbeat designs. Read on to check out our guide to the best Raya collections.



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If you are a fan of Indonesian fashion, Embara will tickle your fancy. This Raya, the prominent Indonesian fashion brand has launched a limited-edition collection titled “The Heritage” that celebrates cultural significance with its modern interpretation of traditional attire decorated with tenun patterns. From kebaya to modern kurungs, the collection is highy versatile and suitable for various occasions, be it special celebration or normal days.

Tom Abang Saufi


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Tom Abang Saufi brings a unique twist to Raya this festive season. Straying away from the usual route, Dato’ Tom Abang Saufi reinterprets traditional attire through the lexicon of hip-hop. Expect the ensembles to be dipped in lively colours and decorated in vibrant pua motifs. Named “Senang”, the collection is also an ode to her debut at Paris Fashion Week in 1987.



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Zalia’s latest Raya collection is the go-to if you are on the lookout for modern outfits. Where East meets West, the timeless collection is an amalgamation of Renaissance elements and traditional style, elevated with the intricate embroidery that nods to Malaysia’s cultural heritage.



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Lubna has once again delivered an impressive modestwear collection. Known for its playful approach and youthful demeanour, the Zalora in-house label has given the classic samping a new lease of life by decorating it with stylish print. You will happy to know that the collection is also created with great comfort in mind.

Hatta Dolmat


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What a better way to create a collection than taking inspiration from our beautiful surroundings? This is exactly what Hatta Dolmat’s latest Raya collection is all about. Looking to the beauty of Mother Nature, the famed Malaysian designer holds up a magnifying glass to the elements of wilderness and translates it into designs that enthral every connoisseur that lays their eyes on.



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Leave it to Fiziwoo to realise your extravagant dream. Inspired by the Mediterranean, the coastal elegance of the Riviera comes to life with Fiziwoo’s latest collection named “Riviera Raya”. With the elegant collection, rich colour palette, natural materials and captivating designs take the centre stage.



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As “pure” as it may sound, the “Suci” collection by Behati is definitely not an understated collection. With the collection, the label’s founder Kel Wen overthrows the premise of baju Melayu and returns to the roots of fashion where core functionality takes precedence. Now, classic silhouette gives way to exaggerated cut. Traditional samping is reimagined to resemble waist belt. Batik pattern is substituted with whimsical brooch.

Rizman Ruzaini


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It marks the final Raya collection of Rizman Ruizaini as the celebrated Malaysian label has set their sights on international market. The Raya 2024 Couture collection is a sequel to its Spring/Summer 2024 collection showcased at Dubai Fashion Week, which has broken the internet with Naomi Campbell closing the show. A showcase of its exceptional craftsmanship, the collection comes with the adornments of intricate beadwork and elaborate embroidery. Besides the couture collection, there is also a capsule collection caters for simpler taste.