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The love lines of Dior’s Capture Totale Hyalushot

The love lines of Dior’s Capture Totale Hyalushot

The premise of Dior’s Capture Totale Hyalushot reframes the word ageing differently in a skincare context, one that is pro-skin health instead of ageist.

Now that a year of normalcy returning to the wide, wild world of men’s grooming, with all its nods to letting skin just be skin, is over, marketers and editors are looking to find a new phrase to coin the context of this one. Said phrase could be anti-ageing, one that incites interest as much as it does ire. Even if we can all agree that relinquishing ourselves to the passage of time is a positive thing, it is honestly difficult to shrug off a desire to look as good as we can at any age.

Some might say that using a product labelled with the phrase is complicit with society’s common take on growing older (it does not help too that the word wrinkle is often used to describe unfortunate decisions) but how would one lessen the look of lines to make himself happy, even if he is inadvertently contributing to the narrative that youth equals power and beauty? 

The first is for him to reconcile with the reality that unfortunate gravity naturally causes faces to droop, brows to crease, and jowls, to emerge. The second is for him to manage expectations of what a product can do for him. We are unable to address how efficacious a product actually truly works as it depends on one’s point of view about the word “work”.

And “actually”, and “truly” but with Dior’s Capture Totale Hyalushot, we can safely say that it works in a way that reframes the narrative of ageing should one seek such a product.


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One can see it as preventative skin health instead, a 15ml vial that improves the defects of the skin that naturally occur over some time. And by defects, we do not mean wrinkles but instead, texture, pigmentation and clarity. It saturates the skin in a blend of two differently weighted hyaluronic acids to instantly smoothen things out while a peptide promotes skin resilience against external sources like heat and humidity.

These are just two secrets to the sauce but it is the inclusion of a cell-regenerating longoza that imbues the product with its clarifying properties like one has done an aesthetic treatment.

So yes, there is something about the product that veers towards a pro-skin health direction for the people who want to be at the age they are now and look that age but if the odd line or wrinkle bothers them, the Capture Totale Hyalushot’s tip dispenses just the right amount of product to smoothen them over, even addressing skin just south of the wrist.