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1800-h2h: Shelhiel and Shuzhen on embracing each other’s imperfections

1800-h2h: Shelhiel and Shuzhen on embracing each other’s imperfections

(On ShuZhen) Vest, jacket, pants, all Moschino; Veil, Stylist’s own (On Shelhiel) Shirt, Valentino; Skirt, Maison Alex Pang; Veil, belt, Stylist’s own

Physical attraction and carnal desire may be the tangible manifestations that spring to mind when people think about love — but is this what true love is all about? It is more convoluted than one may think; it goes beyond the infatuation that one has — what weaves together the canvas of true love is the shared goals and values of a couple that establish a deep connection, the acceptance of one’s flaws and imperfections, and the comfort of being authentic self around our loved one. The relationship between Shelhiel (SH) and Shuzhen (SZ) aptly defines the meanings of true love.

How did both of you meet?

SH: We both met in church when I was studying at UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) in Johor. We were joining the church almost at the same time. I joined first and she joined one month later. We went to the same cell group together. It was a small group of about 10 people coming together to sing worship songs.

What are the qualities you find attractive in your partner?

SH: She is smart and beautiful. The most attractive quality she has is her wisdom. I think intelligence is very sexy. For someone like me who is not as wise as her, her wisdom is a counterbalance to me and something that really attracts me.

SZ: His passion for music because that’s the common ground that links both of us. I make music as well but I am not as passionate as him. So, that’s what got me fascinated.

To love someone is to embrace their vulnerability. When were you most vulnerable in front of each other?

SH: I’m the one who is the most vulnerable all the time when I’m with her! [Laughs] The way we process emotions is opposing — I overshare, she tends to repress her emotions. It could be overwhelming at times, so I’ll just keep it to myself sometimes, pondering it before telling her anything — because who wants to be a dump truck?

SZ: I’m a very practical and sensible person. I only contemplate when I’m particularly stressed about work or I feel it’s overloading.

What is the most important life lesson that you have learned from each other?

SH: Responsibility. Be responsible for all the decisions you make in your life!

SZ: He’s a visionary and he will go all out to achieve his dreams, so I think it’s extremely important to motivate someone chilled and lazy like me.

If you were granted a wish to change one thing about your partner, what would that be?

SH: You’re perfect, don’t change.

SZ: My friends once told me a classic line — if you want your partner to change, change yourself first. So my wish is for him to love me more because “happy wife, happy life”.

Photography Jaya Khidir

Styling Liew Hui Ying

Grooming Raeseok / Plika Makeup

Hair Juujuugon

Photography Assistant Suan