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Hermès Holiday Is Orange and Opulent

Hermès Holiday Is Orange and Opulent

Don’t be fooled by its orange exterior — circularity and colour converge with Hermès’ Colourful Wreath of Nail Enamel.

The magic of Hermès is the gift of this holiday season. This year, the Parisian house presents a festive surprise — a vibrant orange box in the guise of a Christmas wreath. When unwrapped, it lies the 24 emblematic colours of the Les Mains Hermès nail varnish, echoing the address of the house in Paris’s rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré. This Hermès holiday is an infusion of the vibrant spirit of life and embellished in festive style.

The limited edition run of 500 units marks the second anniversary of the house’s Les Mains Hermès line, a sumptuous experience of extending care to the hardest workers of one’s body, the hands. Inviting an experience of pampering oneself, the wreath unwraps to suit all the criterion of a great present. Luxuriant products, an abundance of variety, and the beauty of a perfect package — sums up the more-than-ornamental option.

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