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Darien Aeld is poised to be a multi-talented star

Darien Aeld is poised to be a multi-talented star

Pictured above: Jacket, pants, necklace, all Dior Men

“I like the role of an antagonist,” Darien Aeld declared from the get-go in this interview. His confidence — both chilling and thrilling in equal measure — sets the stage for his meticulously crafted persona. A smooth operator’s facade that captivates from the first glimpse.

Darien embodies the enigma of a rising star, propelled by a touch of beginner’s luck. Few can boast a debut as explosive as his in Astro’s Yang Tahu Je Tahu, where he effortlessly transformed into Marzuki — a selfless young man navigating the toxic waters of high school love.

“Marzuki is nothing like me,” Darien admits. “But the camera rolled, and I became him.” Stepping out, however, proved more challenging. “There was a strange attachment,” he confesses — revealing a depth of dedication that belies his limited experience.

Vest, COMME des GARÇONS; Pants, Valentino; Necklace, Swarovski

There is more to Darien than the initial acting stint; he strives to be a multifaceted talent. He prioritises acting, followed by rapping, while modelling takes a backseat. “A$AP Rocky is my ultimate muse,” he reveals. “Music unlocks my truest self, but acting is the path that gets me there.”

This explains the swagger and confidence that permeate his every step and smoky, kohl-lined voice. It is a seeming fusion of A$AP Rocky’s charisma with a dash of Darien’s flair — a recipe for superstardom, as he confidently declares.

“There are many things I want to be, many things I want to do,” he says with a smirk. “But ‘regular’ isn’t in the equation.” Pressed for a definition, he replies, “Anything that isn’t a superstar.”

Photography Edmund Lee

Styling Izwan Abdullah

Photography Assistant Zane Chang

Styling Assistants Manfred Lu, Liew Hui Ying

Grooming ChuFan

Hair Philex Chin

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