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Fitri Farok wants to be more than just a heartthrob

Fitri Farok wants to be more than just a heartthrob

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Fitri Farok craves more than being a mere heartthrob. “Modelling’s cool,” he admits, “but being just a face — even a flattering one — feels shallow.” Unlike a photo’s fleeting impact, acting ignites emotions — big or small — and that resonates with him deeply.

Fresh off his runner-up finish at Hero Remaja 2023 (a talent search that has launched countless legends), the 25-year-old is a breath of fresh air. Unlike his peers who are still testing the waters, Fitri has a clear vision and a roadmap to get there. His ultimate goal? To leave an indelible mark at every opportunity, every single time.

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“The power to inhabit any role — comedy, thriller, action — a truly impactful one can leave a lasting impression,” he explains. “Knowing that a character I play could stay with people — even strangers — that’s what truly moves me.”

Fitri’s charm lies not in how he delivers his words but in the words themselves. During this conversation, he revealed that acting makes him feel most like himself. “For an artiste, expressing your art demands vulnerability and transparency. I like that. I want to communicate who I am through the countless characters I portray.” This concise statement reveals a man who desires to be understood and seen.

Despite his sensitive side, there is a playful, unexpected layer to Fitri that leaves one intrigued. When asked about his dream role, a laugh escapes his lips, followed by a moment of playful hesitation before a grin erupts. “A cheesy romantic comedy,” he declares! “A true actor can make you cry — sure — but also feel everything in between. Especially those scenes that have you kicking your feet in delight or squealing with excitement. That’s the kind of range I crave.”

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