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Meet the 10 finalists of Men’s Folio Model Search 2022

Meet the 10 finalists of Men’s Folio Model Search 2022

After three months of submission, more than 100 entries from all walks of life, here are the top 10 finalists of Men’s Folio Malaysia Male Model Search 2022. 


Kimie (@hakiminoordin)


Coach Jacket; Calvin Klein jeans; stylist’s own tank top

“For me, modelling is a kind of self-expression. I see it as an outlet to celebrate my individuality. Fashion is something that I deal with every day. It reflects how I live my life. Although, modelling has truly changed my perspective as I learned more about the industry, connected with designers, and evaluated my own visualised morality.”


Darien (@darienaeldra)


Calvin Klein Jeans; Dior Men Necklace, ring; Coach Boots; stylist’s own tank top

“The fact that I get to be myself, connect with new people and experience different things daily. I like to stay inspired — constantly being around creative people, keeps me inspired, and pushes me to keep learning, and improve on myself every day. As models are expected to be in the best shape all year round, I’ve gotten better at taking care of my overall health and my life outside of modelling has improved with it.”


Fahd (@fahd_dhaf)


Coach Coat; stylist’s own trousers, boots

“For me, the utmost confidence comes when I’m in front of the camera. It gives different energy for character building, experimenting with different fashion styles and expressing creativity. Being a fresh face isn’t as easy, as I find my way through from the bottom, but personally, I felt that it’s a ‘snowball effect’ on how my modelling career is growing as everyone in the industry is very welcoming and upbeat.”


Levix (@levix_lam)


Dior Men Jacket, trousers

“I enjoyed the feeling when I’m on the runway stage, it makes me feel confident and satisfied with my inner heart. Modelling brings my life a new challenge and I believe that it is meaningful to my journey.”


Aniq (@aniqvqil)


Dior Men Shirt; stylist’s own trousers

“Modelling to me has always been an art form that is limitless. In front of the camera and on the runway, you grant yourself liberation to be something completely different from who you are. What interests me about being a model if that you stay true to the word itself, you are a walking canvas and you’re a product of many different ideas and thoughts pieced together. It is so much more than walking and posing. It is an instrument of art, it is a statement, it is shapeshifting, it is teamwork, and it is anything you want it to be.”


Adam (@admfzal)


Dior Men Jumper, trousers, bag; Gucci shoes

“I’ve always been interested in the hip-hop culture. This brings me to like their fashion culture as well. My passion for modelling developed from watching Off-White runway shows during high school. The confidence of the models throughout the show really intrigues me to be on stage like them. I am confident that my long-haired identity will bring colour to our local fashion industry. I acknowledge the challenges and risks involved in reaching my dreams and I am well prepared.”


Ishmel (@ahmadishmel)


Fendi Shirt; Dior Men Rings, stylist’s own trousers, sunglasses

“I’ve always loved fashion and using fashion to express different ideas and emotions. Each designer and brand has its own unique style and I like experimenting with these different styles, it allows me to express my own creativity. Modelling has taught me self-worth and confidence which I’m grateful for. It has also given me the opportunity to befriend people from different backgrounds. Modelling has added discipline and routine to my life and given me a more balanced lifestyle. I hope one day I can influence art and design in the fashion industry and use my platform to inspire and engage with all generations through fashion.”


Rowan (@leerowan77)


Fendi Jacket; trousers; stylist’s own sunglasses

“Modelling creates a lifestyle for me, and I love it. It makes me more disciplined about myself and gets me into the right mindset and mentality. It just fascinates me to see how much I’ve changed ever since I started modelling, in terms of fashion sense, self-care, and most importantly my confidence. This feels like an addiction.”


Naufal Haz (@naufalhaz_)


Coach Jacket; Dior Men Necklace; stylist’s own trousers

“Modelling has been my passion since I was little. I’ve always wanted to model, I just didn’t know what the process would be like. After my first photoshoot with a local designer, I noticed a change in my self-confidence, communication, and being around strangers. Modelling helped me a lot in that area. Not only that, I made a lot of good friends along the way with the same passion as mine, which is why I want to keep doing what I love and hopefully learn more from it.”


Anson (@ansonyew_)


Coach Jumper, skirt; Gucci Shoes; Dior Men Necklace

“I can vividly remember the first modelling show that allowed me to experience a different style of fashion. I love how modelling brings out the best potential in me and make me feel confident in carrying different outfits for every show and brand. I am always thankful for all opportunities given and looking forward to more in near future!”