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Meet the 6 finalists of Men’s Folio Model Search 2021

Meet the 6 finalists of Men’s Folio Model Search 2021

Our search for the next face in fashion continues. The highly anticipated Men’s Folio Model Search is back for its fourth cycle, and after weeks of casting calls, the score sheets have finally spoken and now we are down to our top 6 finalists who will be competing for the title. To kick-start, we put the models through a photoshoot session to test their performance in front of the lens – all dressed in Karl Lagerfeld. Here, we present you the 6 final contenders with their comments on why they love modelling.


Haqeem (@0800blunted)


Karl Lagerfeld Logo T-shirt, Rue St-Guillaume sweatpants

“I enjoy the sense of freedom. I’m fully myself when I’m in front of the camera, and in a way modelling makes me love myself more. I also love everything about fashion. In fact, I love trying on clothes and have my own photohsoots – they just make me happy. I’m putting myself out there because I want to gain more experience and exposure in fashion industry.”


Hogan (@hoganduhslayurz)


Karl Lagerfeld Karl essential denim jacket, Karl logo tape jeans, briefs

“Modelling interests me very much because it allows me to be more confident. Having good posture and self-care are some of the things that I have learned and improved on over time that has impacted my confidence and the way I carry myself. Having tried many different styles also improved my fashion sense. Another thing that excites me is that modelling enables me to meet with people from different backgrounds.”


Avesta (@avestasyd)


Karl Lagerfeld Unisex denim jacket, iridescent Karl logo T-shirt

“Modelling isn’t just another interest or hobby for me but it’s my lifestyle. It gives me the confidence to express myself through various styles. My passion for modelling began when I was still a child. I always enjoyed trying out different styles and holding a ‘fashion show’ in my living room for my family. When I first entered the modeling industry, it was definitely challenging but my passion kept me going and brought me to greater heights. My humbled advice would be never to give up on your dreams. Work towards it and it will all be worth it at the end.”


Ridzman (@ridzmanidaine)


Karl Lagerfeld Karl monogram faux-fur coat, Rue St-Guillaume sweatpants

“Fashion fascinates me, and modelling is a big chunk in this industry. Models tell audience the message or concept a brand is aiming to portray. In many ways, models make the fashion world lives.”


King (@____viking118____)


Karl Lagerfeld Karl autograph pocket T-shirt, relaxed tailored trousers, K/monogram bucket hat

“I remembered the first runway show that I watched was Victoria Secret Fashion Show back in secondary school. I felt that all the models were so gorgeous and stunning. Modelling has taught me so much about fashion, body posture and other creative aspects. I love and enjoy the feeling when walking for a runway show and posing in front of the camera. The experience makes me more confident and brave in every moment.”


Dini (@kidblurrr)


Karl Lagerfeld Rue St-Guillaume lightweight camo jacket, Ikonik lounge biker sweatpants, logo trunks

What is it about modeling that interest you: