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#MFMYModelSearch21: Fitness Workshop with O-Zone Fitness & Pressio

#MFMYModelSearch21: Fitness Workshop with O-Zone Fitness & Pressio

For our second Model Search stop, we flocked to O-Zone Fitness for an intense yet energising workout session, to arm the models with important knowledge on stay fit and healthy. Donning Pressio’s Everyday compression sock, Men’s Pressio compression tight and Men’s Ārahi Top, the models threw themselves into bodyweight exercises including chest dips, one-arm push-up, ring workout and handstand push-up.

Located at Petaling Jaya, O-Zone Fitness is a training hub, with challenging obstacles and callisthenics, for workout enthusiasts and challenge-seekers who want to bring their fitness game to the next level. You can expect a personalised programme specially catered to you needs, which include everything from beginner-friendly workouts where you learn the right way to do basic callisthenics movements and statics to expert-level routines that will let you build muscle and lose body fat.

Pressio, on the other hand, established by Jamie Hunt, a former professional triathlete and co-founder of 2XU,  is a premium high-performance sportswear brand with a focus on sustainability. Teaming up with some of the world’s leading fabric companies to create revolutionary yarn technologies, Pressio sources its recycled material from accomplished suppliers, which are traceable via the World Recycle Standard. One of their product highlights has got to be the Power Compression. The products that boast the technology feature Muscle Alignment Power Print, which helps prevent muscle injuries by preventing excessive muscle oscillation, align the body for greater power output and enhance your proprioception.



Videography: Jackie Mah