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Introducing: Jun Young is our cover star for August 2021 Superheroes issue

Introducing: Jun Young is our cover star for August 2021 Superheroes issue

We have noticed that one thing occurs when you live through a period of rapid change, as we are now. It is the inevitable surge of artistic creativity, while we witness the rise of the bold and brave: those who face uncertainty without fear and flourish in chaotic times. We’re proud of what the Men’s Folio team has created and curated on the following pages as Malaysia continues to weather through the pandemic.


Putting this issue together, with lockdown restrictions in place, was a challenging endeavour. It’s been an unstoppable roller-coaster, and we want to make it clear that we trust if we work together, we can be effective in making change, rather than simply wishing for it. The theme is loosely based on superheroes and we kept finding ourselves asking, “Do we interpret it the same way as we always have?” We reached the conclusion that no, we don’t. So much was changing around us as we worked from early mornings to late nights crafting these stimulating and positive stories.


Donned in Fendi, cover guy Jun Young is an up-and-coming runway star who’s shaking up the fashion industry. Elsewhere – from interviews with our cover star and World Beaters to opinion feature The New Mutants – we shine the spotlight on thought-evoking discussions which we hope will provoke inspiring conversations.


We also delve into the power of retinol in Night Nourishment and scents in Smell-O-Vision, and at the same time, highlighting style essentials from the likes of Dior, Gucci and Saint Laurent.

While writing this note, I’m also replying emails and WhatsApp messages from the team eagerly planning the content for the next month.


Enjoy the issue!


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