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DAY6 (Even of Day) releases “Right Through Me”

DAY6 (Even of Day) releases “Right Through Me”

Even of Day  the sub group of DAY6 that consists of Dowoon, Wonpil and Young K is back with their second EP titled “Right Through Me”. We caught up with the trio to talk about their sound as a unit, their favourite lyrics and how much they #stan Wonpil.


Hello Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon, what have the three of you been up to?

Dowoon: Since we have to prepare for the comeback, we are busy practicing together these days.

Wonpil: Me either, since the comeback is coming up, I am working hard on practicing.

Young K: That’s right.

Dowoon: What about you? Young K?

Young K: Me too..

Dowoon: You are working hard on practicing too, right?

Young K: I’m working hard on practicing too.

Dowoon: You’re doing good.


DAY6 member Dowoon


This is your second EP together as Even of Day, how have the three of you grown as a group since then?

Dowoon: For me, I think the size of the sound and music that we use in the song is bigger than before.

Young K: In the 1st mini album, I play the bass guitar and both roles of bass and guitar lead line. But in this album, I get to play an electric guitar which also takes the role of bass too it is kind of a challenge for me.


What do the three of you appreciate the most about each other?

Doowoon: Should we compliment the person on our right or left?

Young K: Let’s do it to the person on your left. For Dowoon, I want to appreciate his responsibility.  As a drummer, he does his role really well. As a team, when he was our leader, he took responsibility really well too.

Dowoon: Oh, thank you. For Wonpil, I think he is an entertainer for us.

Wonpil: Young K, he is… is responsible too. If he is assigned to do something, he always puts an effort to take care of that responsibility to the best of his abilities.

Young K: And I want to appreciate Dowoon when he puts his hair back too. It’s really  cool.


DAY6 member Wonpil


What is your favourite track on your 2nd EP and why?

Dowoon: Personally, I like the track “역대급 (WALK)” the most, because this album is the best (역대급) one!

Young K:  If I am asked to choose the most favourite song from this album, I would usually choose the title track.  So, I would choose “뚫고 지나가요 (Right Through Me)” as my favourite one.

Dowoon: What about you, Wonpil?

Wonpil: Since you guys already chose the title track and “역대급 (WALK)”, I would like to recommend “LOVE PARADE”.

Young KWhy?

Wonpil: When I listen to this track, the lyrics and message of the track gives me a feeling of hopefulness, like holding hands with someone. So, I choose “LOVE PARADE” as my favourite one.


Were there any lyrics that you enjoyed? Why?

Wonpil: I think it is the chorus of “역대급 (WALK)” which is my part.

Young K: “KIM WONPIL, KIM WONPIL”, that one?

DowoonThat’s right. I like the “KIM WONPIL” part too.

Young K: From the whole album, the lyric that we enjoy the most is “KIM WONPIL”.


Young K: Because Kim Wonpil is my favourite member!

Dowoon: And you are the leader too.

Young K: You are our team’s representative.

Dowooon: That’s right!


DAY6 member Young K


Which song that you are most excited to perform?

Dowoon:  I think “LOVE PARADE” is the most anticipated one.

Young K: Me too!

Wonpil: Me too!

Dowoon: Because it is a track that would be fun to sing along with us and it is full of energy too. Do you think so?

Young K: I have another reason.

Dowoon: What is it?

Young K: Because Dowoon’s drum playing is really cool. From the start to the end, the drum sound takes the role of a lifting sound that gives powerful energy.

Dowoon: That’s right!

Young K: That makes Dowoon stand out and I really love it.


Do you have any message for your fans?

Dowoon: Over to the leader, Wonpil!

Wonpil: MY DAY, we worked really hard on this album as always. We would be grateful if you listen to each track and gain energy from listening to our music. There are various promotional activities prepared for this comeback and I hope you guys will enjoy that. Stay healthy and always be happy! Bye!