See all 34 pieces available in the Erdem x H&M menswear collection

See all 34 pieces available in the Erdem x H&M menswear collection


After weeks of anticipation, Erdem x H&M has finally unveiled the exclusive lookbook for its coming collection and even included the images of every single piece in the collection.

Shot by Michal Pudelka, the Erdem x H&M lookbook brings a nostalgic and classic touch to the English heritage, something that rings close to Erdem’s (the designer) aesthetics.

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Filled with floral motifs, precise tailoring and timeless silhouettes, Erdem pays tribute to his iconic works over the past decade and adds a personal touch to the collection, taken from his childhood memories.

With heavy inspiration from the ’80s and ’90s, the collection is one made for the fashion-forward men who love both classics and contemporary styles.

See the full menswear collection below with pricing included:

2-Pack Socks - RM149.00
2-Pack Socks (2) - RM149.00
2-Pack Socks (3) - RM149.00
Backpack - RM399.00
Blazer - RM849.00
Checked Blazer - RM849.00
Checked Coat - RM1,399.00
Checked Pants - RM399.00
Floral Shirt - RM399.00
Frill Shirt - RM399.00
Jacket - RM499.00
Leather Derby Shoes - RM849.00
Leather Mitts - RM249.00
Logo Hoodie - RM299.00
Mohair Beanie - RM169.00
Mohair Sweater - RM399.00
Mohair Sweater (M) - RM499.00
Mohair Sweater (W) - RM499.00
Nylon Jacket - RM399.00
Pants - RM399.00
Pants With Side Piping - RM399.00
Parka - RM849.00
Shirt - RM399.00
Silk Pants - RM499.00
Silk Scarf - RM149.00
Silk Scarf - RM249.00
Silk Shirt - RM499.00
Sneakers - RM599.00
T-Shirt - RM 149.00
Tie - RM129.00
Tweed Coat - RM1,399.00
Wool Coat - RM1,199.00
Wool Scarf - RM299.00



Set to launch on 2nd November 2017, the Erdem x H&M collection will be available at H&M Lot 10, H&M Avenue K and also