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Royal Salute 21 Year Old Miami Polo Edition: Summer in a bottle

Royal Salute 21 Year Old Miami Polo Edition: Summer in a bottle

Miami is often associated with everything glamorous about summer — think sweet cocktails, excellent food, sunshine and sandy beaches, and an exciting nightlife scene. Having a reputation for being a summer destination, it only makes sense that it has become known as a sporting destination of late, with Miami home to one of the biggest polo events annually — the Beach Polo World Cup, organised by the World Polo League. Known as “the game of Kings”, it comes as no surprise then that Royal Salute — whose origins can be traced back to Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation — has links to the game, most significantly through the Polo Edition Collection.

A collection crafted to capture the rich culture and history of iconic polo locations around the world, the Miami Polo Edition is no different — it is a bottled celebration of Miami’s famed polo clubs and vibrant lifestyle. Royal Salute’s master blender Sandy Hyslop expertly crafted the blend with all-American first-fill bourbon and rye casks.

“Miami is such a dynamic city, so we wanted to craft a blend that would echo this with an exciting new dimension,” says Hyslop. “Selecting the finest first-fill bourbon and rye casks to finish the special formulation of whiskies aged for a minimum of 21 years allowed us to impart some incredible flavours and emphasise the sweet and spicy notes of the final blend, perfectly nodding to Miami’s vibrant scene.”

The fruit of that inspiration is a smooth expression — with vanilla and coconut notes and a subtle hint of cinnamon spice on the finish — which is symbolic of Miami summer’s golden beaches and warm sunsets. Beyond its flavour profile, the 21 Year Old Miami Polo Edition’s presentation is also a nod to the city’s exuberant energy. Bottled in a distinctive pink flagon, its box is adorned with an illustrated design depicting glamorous post-polo match gatherings set against Miami’s infamous artdeco architecture.

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