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VLogo Easy Jog Sneaker is made for a perfect active wardrobe

VLogo Easy Jog Sneaker is made for a perfect active wardrobe

Valentino’s legacy is built upon two pillars: the instantly recognisable boldness of its signature red and pink, and the ubiquitous studded embellishments that elevate even the most casual footwear. However, for a luxury house to retain relevance, it needs to sell more than just clothes — it needs to curate a lifestyle. Here is where Valentino excels, offering an ideal pair of shoes for every occasion.

Valentino caters to diverse needs — from the sophisticated polish of the Stud Sign loafers that complete a dinner ensemble to the perennially chic option of the Open leather sneakers for everyday wear. This season, the Italian fashion house introduces a new contender to its footwear repertoire — the VLogo Easy Jog Low-Top Sneaker, designed to seamlessly integrate into one’s activewear essentials.

Despite its athletic designation, the latest sneaker addition does not compromise the brand’s renowned commitment to high-quality materials. This dedication to excellence is evident in the shoe’s construction, which utilises a combination of calfskin and fabric. The signature details are incorporated using a high-frequency welding technique, further showcasing the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship.

A true hallmark of luxury is comfort, and Valentino embodies this truth with its ultra-lightweight rubber sole. The design ensures effortless movement during walks or jogs, guaranteeing one never feels weighed down. This strategic addition to the maison’s ever-evolving collection is a testament to that commitment in comfort. The VLogo Easy Jog Low-Top Sneaker caters to the modern consumer’s demand for both versatility and luxurious ease in their everyday lives.

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