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Gravity keeps us in Dior’s orbit

Gravity keeps us in Dior’s orbit

Gravity has given us tides of the ocean, space exploration and a brand new finish for leathers at Dior. A testament to the sheer plurality of Dior’s house codes and the kaleidoscope of ways they can be interpreted, Kim Jones leverages the power of gravity to emboss the emblematic Dior Oblique motif onto the house’s iconic grained leather. Newly minted, yet instantly timeless is the way to describe leather goods of the Fall 2024 collection that sport the Gravity finish.

The Dior Gravity leather goods in the Fall 2024 collection plays a game of peek-a-boo. Under the right lighting and discernable distance, the imprinted crevices play with shadow — making the motif easily distinguishable. From afar, these lines imbue the monochromatic designs with a refined texture recognisable, yet subtle enough for the everyday commute. Appearing in both maxi and original scales of the Oblique motif across the new range of leather goods, the bold yet elegant lines demonstrate Dior’s intricate savoir-faire and innovation.

To experience luxury is to feel, touch and caress beyond the confines of pixels, billboards and glossy prints. Marked like mysterious crop circles that appear on wheat fields, designs like The Weekender 40 and The Rider 2.0 Messenger Bag that feature the Dior Gravity leather are a treat to both the eyes and the touch. Skip the squidgy stress ball and spinners — just trace one’s fingers along the D-i-o-r and repeat until heart rate drops (or quickens with excitement). The clean, sharp lines break up the uniformity of the natural hide to give a satisfying tactile feel that adds to the user experience.

For the modern man who has long days out to account for gym, work, dates and afterparties, there is a need for capsule pieces that transition easily through a multitude of occasions. Designed in muted shades of beige and black to seamlessly complement the casual, the formal and the minimal, bags like The Rider 2.0 Backpack offer a structured solution to fit the everyday carry and still have room to spare.

While the bags feature the Maxi version of the Dior Oblique motif, the small leather goods and footwear sport the original scale of the print. Featuring a mix of materials, the Dior Gravity leather infuses the signature B33 and B27 sneakers with an added dimension of texture and elegance. Pair it with denim, cotton or wool pants to instantly elevate workwear and casual attire.

Gravity may have blessed us with the ability to stay grounded, but having the choice to glide, saunter or stride demonstrate luxury effortlessly. Loud and proud in its use of Dior’s emblems yet subtle enough to convey an elegant restraints — the Gravity leather is a nuanced display of details that implores the curious to take a closer look. Crafted immaculately and purposefully designed to withstand the test of time and trend cycles, the Dior Gravity leather will quickly earn its ranks to become a signature finish of the house’s leather goods.

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