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Dior Buffalo Loafer strikes a balance between whimsy and austerity

Dior Buffalo Loafer strikes a balance between whimsy and austerity

Prance, stomp, but never tiptoe — Kim Jones’ vision for Dior Men has always been interpreted through visions of grandeur rather than whispers of subtlety. Endlessly inspired by youth culture and its icons, the Dior Buffalo Loafer is a testament to Jones’ constant ability to reference the past with a newfound attitude.

First seen springing up from the trap doors of the Summer ’24 show, the Dior Buffalo Loafer greets the eye with a commanding presence. With a chunky lugged sole and padded upper that sports the Cannage motif, the shoes stand as almost a form of resistance against the sea of thin-soled, sexless footwear that reads monastic and apolitical. Named after the Buffalo style movement of 1980s London that was loud, eclectic and irreverent when it came to mixing styles, these loafers present themselves as a composed clash of concepts — details sprinkled across every angle the shoes turn. It is as if they are saying, “Don’t just stand there. Stand for something.”

While some may still regard street style to consist of oversized hoodies and sneakers, the true spirit of streetwear lies in the ability to constantly subvert preconceived notions. Less polished than derbies but dressier than a pair of Converses, the loafer silhouette exists between the extremes of whimsy and austerity. The Buffalo Loafer gives a chance to carve out its impression as its structured, rounded shape reads refined, while its thick, crepe-like sole feels playful, rebellious and utilitarian.

As models from the show were considered “Hommes Fleurs” — pretty boys that grow like flowers — the Buffalo Loafer toys with the idea of femininity and masculinity in more overt manners that still feel familiar and approachable. Better known in the women’s universe of Dior, the shoe’s Cannage motif and Dior Charm Buckle demonstrate the universality of house codes, seamlessly contextualised through the lens of menswear. Iterations in the Cannage cotton tweed playfully tinker with texture and reclaim the modern identity of this material in menswear.

Written by LingJie Tuang. Once you are done with this story, click here to catch up with our April 2024 issue.