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Lee Know, Davika Hoorne and more grace the Gucci Cruise 2025

Lee Know, Davika Hoorne and more grace the Gucci Cruise 2025

At the Tate Modern, Sabato de Sarno unveiled his Gucci Cruise 2025 masterpiece. In the front row were Lee Know of Stray Kids, Davika Hoorne, Alia Bhatt — the list goes on. See all the happenings from de Sarno’s first Cruise collection here! (Above: Lee Know at Gucci Cruise 2025)

For Sabato De Sarno’s first Cruise showing for Gucci, he has sent the whole maison back on a journey of self-discovery. To be brief, and far less philosophical, the Gucci Cruise 2025 show is set in London’s Tate Modern — an ode to founder Guccio Gucci’s tenure at The Savoy Hotel in the same city.

And naturally, given that this is a show of many firsts, Gucci has invited some of the biggest celebrities to come out and play. Lee Know of Stray Kids made his debut appearance for the house, close to eight months after his highly anticipated schedule at last September’s Milan Fashion Week got postponed. Gucci princesses and global house ambassadors Davika Hoorne, Alia Bhatt and Park Gyu-young also arrived in style, alongside Chinese actors Zhang LingHe and Wang Churan.

With four shows now, it becomes clear that Sabato De Sarno isn’t looking to replicate the success of his predecessors. Rather, his vision relies less on grabbing our immediate attention but captures dress as an attitude, a way of life — even if many of us still remember it as the brand which used to permeate fashion with its extremities. Cruise 2024, De Sarno’s first out-of-Milan showing, comes riddled with clues of an impending return towards challenging traditional glamour with lightweight, nonchalant executions.

In it, the creative director compiled streamlined clothing that was either tactile or abstract, focusing much of his attention towards the tasteful. And if Ancora showed us that these ideas wouldn’t be confined to his womenswear collections, it’s certain then that we’ll witness a menswear execution, by the same degree, shortly.

Regardless of how De Sarno’s first Cruise collection is set to be received by critics, one cannot deny the sheer star power the CD brought out to play last night in London. Re-see all the celebrities at Gucci Cruise 2025 below.

Lee Know of Stray Kids

Davika Hoorne

Alia Bhatt

Zhang Linghe

Park Gyu-young

Wang Churan

Alexa Chung

Rina Sawayama

Alia Bhatt and Davika Hoorne

Shuzo Ohira

Dua Lipa

Soo-Joo Park

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