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Fashion Sensation: Mending Broken Ways

Fashion Sensation: Mending Broken Ways

What is a dress code? Certain settings mandate ties to be worn, shirts be crisp white, and shoes be formal, but no one enjoys being told what to wear. So in times when one finds themselves restricted to given dressing rules, perhaps it may be best to add a touch of his personality — even if the outcome is far from the intended.

(On Hyeon Seok) Coat, top, skirts, Sacai; Pants, shoes, Valentino; Socks, Stylist’s own (On Hogan) Jacket, top, shirt, pants, shoes, all Dior Men

Coat, gloves, ROKH X H&M; Tie, Stylist’s own

Shirt (worn as outer), jacket, shorts, all Prada

Jacket, ROKH X H&M; Shirt, Fendi; Sunglasses, Prada; Necklace; Swarovski

Shirt, jacket, shorts, ROKH X H&M; Shoes, Louis Vuitton; Socks, Stylist’s own

(On Hogan) Jacket, pants, shoes, Louis Vuitton; Tie, Stylist’s own (On Hyeon Seok) Jacket, pants, shoes, Balenciaga; Tie, Stylist’s own

Coat, shirt, pants, Bottega Veneta; Shoes, Balenciaga; Helmet, bow tie, Stylist’s own

(On Hyeon Seok) Hoodie, jacket, shirt, pants, tie, all Givenchy (On Hogan) Jacket, Giorgio Armani; Top, pants, Celine

Jacket, pants, shoes, Gucci; Gloves, socks, Stylist’s own

Jacket, Thom Browne; Shorts, Prada; Shoes, Dior Men

Photography Chee Wei

Styling Manfred Lu and Liew Hui Ying

Grooming Raeseok | Plika Makeup

Hair Juujuugon

Model Hyeon Seok / Wu Models, Hogan / Topboi Citizen

Photography Assistant RB

Styling Assistant Fabienne Liew

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