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Martell’s utmost decorum of cognac making

Martell’s utmost decorum of cognac making

The pinnacle of French sophistication is brought to life with the Martell Single Cru collection.

Few names chalk it up like Martell. As part of “The Big Four” — alongside Hennessy, Rémy Martin, and Courvoisier — the cognac brand was founded by wine merchant Jean Martell in 1715 after a trip to Charente and has since become a household name that is well known all over the world and a symbol of unrivalled French sophistication.

It is easy to see why Martell is one of the most beloved cognac brands in the world. Like its contemporaries, the French cognac maker crafts its masterpieces with eaux-de-vie sourced from different regions in Cognac. Each cru offers a distinct aromatic profile and the secret to its remarkably exquisite creation lies in every sip — which delivers an indelible impression.

Among the plethora of terroirs, four crus stand out with their distinguished characteristics. Known for its reddish clay and limestone soil, the Fins Bois proffers a light, airy spirit. Petite Champagne delivers a vigorous and lengthy finish on the palate, thanks to the nature of its greyish and chalky soils, while the Borderies cru delights one with its electric blend of floral and fruity notes. Completing the finest offerings from the Cognac region is the Grande Champagne with chalk and limestone soils that unfurls aromatic richness and power.

The finesse of cognac making is perfectly encapsulated in the Martell Single Cru collection. Marking an important milestone in the revered history of Maison Martell that spans over three centuries, the Single Cru collection is an unprecedented feat where every spirit in the collection is crafted with eaux-de-vie sourced from a single terroir. Meticulously curated by the house’s ninth Cellar Master — Christophe Valtaud — the impeccable craft is a culmination of French art de vivre, representing the most authentic expression of each terroir that has contributed to the success of the French cognac maker.

The result is a holy trinity that offers a taste sensation like never before. A starting point for the exhilarating expedition of the Cognac region, the Discovery Edition is an exemplar of authenticity where one can truly sample the uniqueness of each cru — the Fins Bois infused with delicious pear and peach, the Petite Champagne with its lingering finish of nuts, red and dried fruit, and the Borderies, the cradle of Martell.

The gastronomic journey continues with the Aged Edition. A perfect blend of originality and age, the Aged Edition is a faithful interpretation of the Borderies and Grande Champagne — the two most exclusive Cognac terroirs singled out by founder Jean Martell himself. With the well-aged eau-de-vie, one can experience the aromatic richness that only the XO Grande Champagne and XXO Borderies can deliver. Ending the one-of-a-kind odyssey is the Vintage Edition, the pinnacle of cognac savoir-faire. It is the finest craft one could ever savour, owing to the singularity upheld by the maison — only a single eaux-de-vie sourced from a single terroir will be added every year to make the Vintage Edition.

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