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From Courtroom to Catwalk : Aniq Aqil

From Courtroom to Catwalk : Aniq Aqil

Imagine a captivating high fashion model – now, juxtapose that image with that of a poised and accomplished lawyer. Would you expect the same individual to embody both personas?

Meet Aniq Aqil, who seamlessly navigates the realm of courtrooms and runways, gracefully embracing the best of both worlds. As he dedicates his time to arranging court cases, he also indulges in the thrill of strutting down fashion’s finest catwalks. Amid this intriguing duality of beauty and brain, the question arises: Which one might be his most authentic self?

Which comes first, modeling or law?

I had been set on pursuing a career in law since high school. But then, out of the blue, I ended up stumbling into the whole modeling and content creation scene – and you won’t believe the joy it brought me along the way. It’s just insane how life throws these curveballs. I mean, one minute I’m grinding through an all-nighter to ace my bar exam, and the next thing I know, I’m actually getting featured in a print magazine. Crazy, right?

Balancing these three aspects must feel quite contrasting for you.

Absolutely, the world of being a lawyer is all ‘oh so professional,’ while modeling centers around my looks. It’s when I’m posting on TikTok doing comedy content that I truly feel like my most authentic self. Most of the time, it’s just random thoughts that I personally find amusing. Having amassed 200K followers, I’m grateful I don’t have to be the only one laughing at my jokes anymore.

What’s one thing you cherish about being a model?

I absolutely adore the adaptability that comes with modeling. We’re like blank canvases, always prepared to bring any creative concept to life. In my view, models serve as reflections of society’s current standards of beauty, and presently, the emphasis is strongly placed on celebrating individuality and diversity. That’s a cause I’m wholeheartedly committed to supporting.

If you were given a chance to move to a foreign country, would you take it?

For a few months, yes. Forever? No. When I travel it only takes me a few weeks until I miss home.

As you grow older, has your definition of home changed?

Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever move past my roots. Nostalgia runs deep in me; I still hold onto mementos from various chapters of my life in this little room I’ve stayed for almost 25 years now. Even the toys have their place here, you know, for those moments of sweet reminiscence.

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