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MARO, the hero behind voluminous hair

MARO, the hero behind voluminous hair

Do you know that the hair products like sea salt spray that you use to emulate the dashing kpop hairstyles; the wicked culprits of smoke and dust; as well as the glaring sunlight are damaging our hair, and thus expediting the falling of our hair?

Fret not, MARO is here to keep the problems at bay. Conceived with the urban men in mind, MARO is a Japanese haircare brand that caters to the problems that we face in daily life with their curated products made of carefully sourced ingredients, running the gamut from hair care to facial care to body care.

One of the featured MARO products is none other than the MARO 3D Series, featuring Defenscalp™ formulation. The trademark formula is specifically created to treat hair loss by eliminating alpha reductase and removing DHT, which contribute to the hair loss in men. The patented concoction also inhibits the growth of Malassezia fungi that leads to an itchy scalp. Apart from creating a flank to guard against the perpetrators that cause hair problems, the MARO series is also a heavenly blend of rare oils that gently cleanses your scalp while boosting the hair volume, resulting a healthy and well-nourished scalp.

In the series, the MARO 3D Volume Up Shampoo EX featuring the world’s first Defenscalp® formulation is the holy grail for a healthy-looking, voluminous hair — touting to increase hair volume by 150%. Boasting Royal Jelly Extract, the French beauty secret, the health-boosting shampoo strengthens the hair with its medleys of nutrients while the Blackberry Lily Extract, Archangelica Extract and Zizyphus Jujuba Fruit Extract provide soothing and anti-inflammatory effect to our scalp, which is prone to daily pollution. Elsewhere, the Soybean Shoot Extract and Artemisia Absinthium Extract deliver a surge of hydration to our scalp to maintain the health of our hair while the shampoo effectively cleaning pores with its dense foam and Laureth Sulfate Na free formula.

The MARO 3D Series also features the MARO 3D Volume Up Cool Shampoo and MARO 3D Volume Hair Growth 3D Essence. A perfect pick-me-up in the midst of sizzling weather, the refreshing MARO 3D Volume Up Cool Shampoo formulated with cooling effect and 3D Core Repair Formula is packed with Soy Protein, Whey Protein and Glutamic Acid, rejuvenating our locks with fitness instructor-approved ingredients. Completing the hair care regimen is the MARO 3D Volume Hair Growth 3D Essence. A saviour for men who experience thinning hair and hair loss, the essence breathes new life into our lifeless and limp hair with its powerful blend of harvests including health-restoring Swertia Japonica Extract and Panax Ginseng Root Extract; anti-inflammatory Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate; and moisturising Sweet Tea Extract and Aloe Extract.

Apart from the rejuvenating MARO 3D Series, MARO also caters to those with flaky scalp with the MARO Deo Scalp Series. Effectively cleansing itchy scalp while abating dandruff, itchiness and odour, the MARO Deo Scalp Series nourishes our delicate hair with a moisture-replenishing concoction of Persimmon Tannin, Green Tea Extract, Cork Tree Bark Extract and Hop Extract.

The MARO17 Series, on the other hand, will be up your alley if you are looking for essence-like hair care products to bring back the youthfulness of your hair. Infused with ingredients that experts swear by like collagen-boosting peptide, skin-renewing apple cultured cells extract and age-defying collagen; the MARO17 Collagen Shampoo Perfect Wash, the MARO17 Collagen Shampoo Mild Wash and the MARO17 Collagen Shot perk up hair firmness and elasticity.

Discover more about the MARO products on the official malls of Shopee and Lazada. You can also walk into any Watson’s outlets to experience the texture and smell.

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