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#MOTY2023: Beauty workshop with Evolcare

#MOTY2023: Beauty workshop with Evolcare

With the return of Men’s Folio Malaysia Model of the Year, we kickstarted our first workshop with Evolcare, a clean beauty brand formulated in Switzerland. On a sunny Saturday, the top 10 finalists were invited to the Evolcare store located at the Lalaport Bukit Bintang City Centre. When they arrived, the beauty advisor of Evolcare walked the models through the brand and its wealth of offerings that are catered to various skin types. After the enlightening briefing, the models tried out the products that were carefully handpicked by the beauty expert while every precious moment was captured through the lens of their photographer.

Formulated in Switzerland, Evolcare is a beauty brand that champions cleanliness with its products being created with natural actives and harm-free ingredients. It aims to promote happy skin by helping skincare enthusiasts to achieve healthy skin and educates them on the benefits of each ingredient. To bring its goals to life, the clean beauty brand has curated an array of potent products.

One of their featured offerings is the Biotic series. A cult favourite adored by beauty brands all over the world, the Biotic series is packed with the coveted probiotic and prebiotic that work wonder on our skin. Like the live microorganisms that maintain the health of our gut flora, the Biotic series is created to provide similar benefit to our skin, which nips inflammatory issues in the bud. Other must-try staples include the Clear Dew Cleansing Water and Magic Cleansing Powder. Infused with Papaya extract, amino acids, white mulberry and goji fruit extract, the Clear Dew Cleansing Water ideal for all skin types exfoliates dead skin, tackles aging and calms signs of irritation while the Magic Cleansing Powder made for the normal, oily and combination skin types purges dead skin, oil and impurities.

When it comes to Evolcare, their best-selling Detox The Evolcare Essence and BIO Repair Mask are not to be missed. Inspired by Autophagy, a Nobel Prize-winning discovery of the body’s natural mechanism for cells to trace and remove internal waste, the Detox The Evolcare Essence is conceived to reverse the signs of aging with their remarkable concoction of Candida Saitona (Yeast), Kombucha and Nymphaea Alba Flower extract. The BIO repair mask made of 100% natural bio-grade materials, on the other hand, is the go-to mask as it fits perfectly like a second skin while pampering our delicate canvas with their powerful Evolcare Essence. What’s more, all their products come in single-dosage packaging, which means you don’t have to worry that it will get deteriorate over time, not to mention their sustainable packaging made of recycled and bio-based plastic.

Besides being a clean and environmentally friendly beauty brand, giving back to the community has been high on their agenda. They have been teaming up with with established NGOs, NPOs, charities and local partners to do good deeds for the community. This year, they are working with the Marine Research Foundation (MRF) by donating RM1 per product purchased to the research and conservation of the marine ecosystems and functions.

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