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Palace Gucci is here

Palace Gucci is here

Following adidas x Gucci collaboration, Gucci’s creative director furthers power collaboration by partnering with Palace, who is known for its tongue-in-cheek designs that tease heavyweight fashion brands and is just as celebrated as Supreme among the streetwear hypebeasts. First unveiled through a sneak peek of the campaign shot by Max Siedentopf, which exudes the fantasy-like and surreal vibe of a Mary Poppins film, the internet-breaking collaboration is dropping today via Gucci Vault.

The collaboration with Gucci’s experimental online space gives away the fashion world’s obsession with logomania where ready to wear, accessories and small leather goods are dripped in the hallmarks of the fashion brands from two opposing spectrums. Taking cue from the Palace Triferg logo designed by Fergus Purcell that symbolizes constant flux, the iconic triangular silhouette of Triferg serves as the blank canvas for bags like duffel, messenger and coin pouch while small leather goods such as card holder and wallet are adorned in GG-P Supreme canvas.

Ready to wear wise, the two cult fashion labels hark back to the 80s casual culture and reinterprets it for the modern consumers, churning out pieces like printed football jerseys, hoodie, track pants, denim jeans and trainers injected with the DNA of Gucci and Palace.

Despite the numerous partnerships that let the hyped brand founded by Lev Tanju to experiment with women’s pieces, this collaborative collection marks the debut of Palace’s full-fledged womenswear where medleys of statement creations including bralettes, pleated skirts, baby tees and baguette bags make their way into the collection, heralding the major comeback of Y2K fashion next year.

Get your hands on the Palace Gucci collection here.