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Fashion Sensation: Dreamweaver

Fashion Sensation: Dreamweaver
Prada Leather coat, shorts and boots, nylon jacket, and hat; Stylist's own socks
Gucci Wool coat, cotton shirt, silk cotton pants, leather shoes, silver necklace; Chris Habana Silver ring
3.1 Phillip Lim Viscose suit, cotton shirt and long sleeve T-shirt; Stylist’s own chanin
Coach Wool turtleneck; Zana Bayne Leather suspender
Moschino Wool coat, leather gloves
Versace Wool coat
Saint Laurent Wool jacket, silk shirt; Moschino Cotton pants; Zana Bayne Leather harness; Chris Habana Silver rings
Dolce & Gabbana Wool and fur coat, wool vest and pants, cotton shirt and hat, silk tie, leather shoes
Salvatore Ferragamo Wool coat, cotton shirt and vest, leather pants and boots; Coach Silver necklace


Photography: Grayson Hoffman / The Industry MGMT

Creative Direction: John Ng

Styling: Lisa Nguyen / The Industry MGMT

Grooming: Isaac Davidson / The Industry MGMT

Fashion assistant: Yen Nguyen

Model: Yobaek Lee / Wilhelmina NY