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The 7 places in Tasmania that will make your cycling adventure extraordinary

The 7 places in Tasmania that will make your cycling adventure extraordinary

Cycling has always been one of the go-to outdoor activities for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts as it allows them to embark on a journey visiting their dream places while being able to practise social distancing with ease.

And, Tasmania, Australia makes a paradise for both cyclists and bikers as the island is packed with a wealth of purpose-built tracks with spectacular landscapes to match – from sky to sea, rainforest to beach and granite to hero dirt.

Catered to the outdoor enthusiasts, scores of shuttle businesses, accommodation and eateries are popping up to provide an unforgettable experience, be it a one-day or multi-day trip.

Here, we take you through eight exhilarating scenic routes and locations for cycling in Tasmania with breathtaking attractions to indulge in as you bike through (and it’s the perfect guide for when the travel ban is lifted for Malaysians!) .


Maria Island

Painted Cliffs, credit: Tasmania Parks and Wildlife

Off the island’s east coast, Maria Island National Park is the hangout for riders with little or no biking experience.

You can simply cycle through the 30 kilometres of track and trails as you indulge in the natural wonders like abundant wildlife, calm beaches and awestruck geological formations including the Painted Cliffs and convict ruins.



Josef Chromy Wines, credit: Ultimate Winery Experiences

The second major city in Tasmania, Launceston is a culinary haven and is the home to one of the best-preserved early cityscapes in Australia.

Aside from having the chance to explore the elegant Colonial and Victorian architecture, you can get to join plenty of impressive tours like On Your Bike to learn about the city, Ride The Harvest to visit the farmers’ Harvest Market and Ride the Vines to get a taste of the Josef Chromy’s produce.



Bruny Island Neck, credit: Discover Tasmania

With the Eudaimonia Cycling Tours, you will get to hop the ferry to visit Bruny Island, where some of Tasmania’s most beautifully preserved natural environments with wildlife and stunning cliff top views abound. At there, you will tootle along the glorious isthmus The Neck and drop by Bruny Island Cheese Co to savour the guilt-free indulgences.

For a real adventure, join the Wild West Coast tour to wander from Mountain to Queenstown through the central highlands.


Blue Derby

Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails, credit: Stu Gibson

Threaded with forests of giant ferns and myrtle in north-east Tasmania, Blue Derby is where you embark on the roller-coaster-like riding experience. Appropriate for all skill and fitness levels, the 125 kilometres of purpose-built trails groan with loads of berms, booters, jumps and flow.

The network is built in the endure style, with uphill and downhill sections, and is close to the friendly former tin-mining town of Derby, about 90 minutes’ drive north-east of Launceston.


Maydena Bike Park

The Summit of Maydena Bike Park, credit: Stu Gibson

The largest gravity park in the southern hemisphere, the Maydena Bike Park located in the Derwent Valley has more than 62 trails and a massive 820-metre vertical elevation. Best suited for adept players, the steep technical tracks are a guarantee of fun time.


Bay of Fires Trail

The Bay of Fires, credit: Ayanadak123

This is definitely a dream come true for riders who want one-of-a-kind ride in their life. Traversing through the wondrous mountains, lush rainforests and pristine beach, the journey of 4.5 hours is the “YOLO” experience that every thrill seeker need to try.

The challenge starts on the Blue Tier’s trailhead and ends on the east coast in the Bay of Fires Conservation Area, known for its granite boulders splashed orange by lichen.


West Coast Trails

West Coast of Tasmania, credit: Australian Mountain Bike

Set to be the next big thing in Tasmanian mountain biking, the West Coast is not slowing down its game with more new trails being developed. Providing a mountain bike experience not found elsewhere in the island, the Oonah Hill Trail, the first purpose-built mountain bike trail on the west coast, is one of the most sought after destinations for adventurers.

Another popular choice is Sterling Valley Trail. Despite the technically challenging path, the reward of having the chance to witness the beautiful myrtle rainforest and Mount Murchison is worth the effort paid.


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