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Our guide to shaving down south

Our guide to shaving down south

Some of the technological advances we’re thankful for include air conditioning, self-driving cars and laser hair removal. However, when push comes to shove and shove equates to not having the finances to laser your junk five times in a row in this economy (FYI you can buy a pair of designer shades with the cost of one session), here’s a guide to doing things the old school way — a razor, shaving oil, a post-shave balm and some courage.


Arm Properly

26% of men surveyed locally state that their knobs have been nicked from attempts to shave it but funnily enough, the odds of getting killed by a shark is less than 0.00000038%. What’s not funny though — how efficiently the Parker 22R Safety Razor goes to town down south. Its brass frame will feel sturdy in your hands (just like a freshly shaven junk!) and replaceable chrome blades literally keep the tool fresh (just like your freshly shaven junk, again!).


Get Into Position

The clandestine positions you enter when all alone in the bathroom (hopefully it’s the one in your own home) are the perfect ones to start shaving — on the floor with your back against a wall or on the toilet seat. Make sure it’s post-shower and that you’ve trimmed off the excess foliage.


Go To Town

If it’s your first time, you will want to make sure you know where and what you’re shaving so skip the shaving cream and lube up with oil instead. Jack Black’s MP 10 Nourishing Oil softens both hair and skin, plus its clear texture means you’re able to prune with precision. Make sure to pull the skin taut because as the saying goes — if it ain’t tight, it ain’t right.


Post-Shave Duty #1


Congrats to you for finally doing the dirty but before admiring the artistry, rinse your duo in some cold water to tighten pores before generously applying some of Clinique’s For Men Post-Shave Soother — its aloe-rich formula soothes burns, irritation and chafing.


Post-Shave Duty #2

Just like how you moisturise face and lips, your duo needs some daily TLC too. LAB Series’s 3-in-1 Post-Shave soothes, refreshes and refines hair overtime for less frequent shaves — a dollop goes into hands and down it goes. Congrats champ! Now put your smooth set to work.

By Bryan Goh