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1800-h2h: Alicia Amin siblings on family bond and affection

1800-h2h: Alicia Amin siblings on family bond and affection

Pictured above: (On Imran) Shirt, pants, Bottega Veneta; (On Alicia) Dress, Fendi (On Adam) Jacket, pants, Bottega Veneta; Glasses, stylist’s own

Sibling relationships often remain undefined. When Alicia Amin (AA) and her two brothers — Raja Imran (RI) and Raja Adam (RA) — are asked about their bond, they simply described it as bittersweet. Interestingly, when they were asked to describe each other, they all replied with “annoying” in unison and burst into laughter. Throughout ours lives, moving through different phases — outgrowing friendships and even relocating to another city are just phases in a story that is meant to be — no one but our siblings gets a front row seat in the stories. From playful living room fights at age 10 to seeking life advice from each other at age 20, where does this sibling love go as age catches up? Will it be as strong as it was when they were kids even at age 30? Or does it turn cold by age 40?

(On Imran) Tank top, pants, Bottega Veneta; (On Alicia) Jacket, shirt, skirt, loafers, ring, all Dior (On Adam) Jacket, pants, boots, all Bottega Veneta

What is a common trait all of you share?

RA: Determination, for sure. When we want something, we want it bad. Maybe Imran takes the cake with his competitive spirit — his obsession with success is legendary. But the rest of us are also relentless in our pursuit.

RI: And Alicia was just 15, juggling school and modelling gigs. Talk about hustle! We might take different paths, but that raw tenacity — that’s our common language.

Growing up, what is something that you bonded over with your siblings?

AA: Honestly, with me and Imran, it was more like sharing knowing glances when, well, let’s just say adult supervision wasn’t exactly shining. These past few years have been a lot, but we bonded by trying our best for the rest of the siblings. We may not have always agreed, but at least we had each other’s backs.

Let’s talk about love languages. How do you all express love to each other?

RI: My love language is more like a WWE smackdown on my siblings whenever they walk in. Gotta test their limits, you know?

RA: I can confirm, it’s like a constant sibling Olympics with these two. Alicia Adam is the angel around here. He’s an act of service personified. If you need someone to drop you by a store, I can bet the probability of Adam saying yes would surpass Imran’s by a lot, and for the record, yes, Adam is a middle child.

How does the love you feel for your siblings stack up against the love you share with your friends?

RA: For me, it’s all about the mileage. With friends, there’s this unspoken limit. Like, you can only be so vulnerable or — let’s be honest — weird before things get awkward. But with siblings? Forget about it! They’ve seen me at my worst — and probably caused some of it — and somehow, we’re still here.

AA: Totally! I could roll in after a day straight from being drained, frustrated, ready to explode — and my brother, Imran, would still be down for a wrestling match. Like, there is zero chill in this relationship. It’s messy, chaotic and sometimes involves questionable banter, but there’s this deep understanding — a shared history that even words can’t describe.

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