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1800-h2h: CyiiCheng and Sean on complementing each other

1800-h2h: CyiiCheng and Sean on complementing each other

Pictured above: (On CyiiCheng) Dress, heels, Louis Vuitton; Gloves, belt, tights, boots, stylist’s own; (On Sean) Pants, Moschino; Tanktop, shoes, stylist’s own

While “love conquers all” is a signifier for being strong enough to overcome any obstacles beyond ourselves, what happens when love conquers you instead? While mainstream media tend to focus on one’s own feelings, selfless love is rarely addressed. How then does one approach love in its most tender stages, do parts of us apply the same love we know from before? Or does it get unworn by the threads of those who now hold our hearts? CyiiCheng (CC) and Sean (S), a couple with two distinct interests and careers, see their differences as ways to better each other.

Has your understanding of love changed from being together?

CC: I’ve always perceived love as patience and empathy, and that remains unchanged because I find these qualities abundantly in Sean.

Have you noticed any significant changes since falling in love?

S: Yes! I give my girlfriend credit for helping me dress better. My closet is much bigger now. [Laughs] But on a serious note, she’s also taught me to be more assertive and set healthy boundaries for myself.

CC: I don’t feel like I’ve deviated drastically from who I was before him, but my boyfriend helped me recognise areas where I could grow — some unknowingly. Isn’t that the essence of every relationship? Love often brings out a side of ourselves we never knew existed.

Can you recall a specific instance where your partner’s love or support helped you overcome a challenge?

S: Often, work and life in general can become overwhelming. During these stressful periods, she’s always incredibly understanding and supportive. It’s reassuring to know that even when I’m challenged, our relationship remains stable and a source of comfort.

Do you feel your partner has influenced your values, habits or perspectives on life?

S: I feel that she has saturated my life a lot. There’s so much more to do, explore and learn since we have started dating.

CC: I’ve become more open-minded. I admire how he prioritises punctuality and self-discipline. He’s also incredibly thoughtful and responsible towards his loved ones. I strive to embody these qualities myself.

Do you believe in the phrase “to be loved is to be changed”?

CC: It’s impossible to cultivate deep, meaningful relationships — romantic or platonic — without experiencing personal growth. However, I believe the key to a successful and fulfilling relationship lies in the conscious effort to evolve into a better partner. Perhaps a more accurate statement would be, “To love is to change”.

Photography Jaya Khidir

Styling Liew Hui Ying

Grooming Raeseok / Plika Makeup

Hair Juujuugon

Photography Assistant Suan