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The Louis Vuitton Speedy is built for hustling men

The Louis Vuitton Speedy is built for hustling men

Fashion has always engaged in a love-hate dance with trends, embracing them one season, discarding them the next, only to rekindle the spark a decade later. Yet, some icons, like the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, defy the flames. Born in New York’s 1930s hustle, it pulsed with ambition and practicality. Now, as Louis Vuitton approaches its 100th anniversary, the Speedy rises again, not from forgotten ashes, but rather from a shrewd reintroduction by the house.

In the beginning, Speedy was first named the “Express” as a subtle nod to the era’s obsession with speed and cars. Today, the bag is known for its velocity not only in its name but in every detail of its construction, evolving into a must-have status for any refined on-the-go gentleman.

Crafted from the finest calfskin and lined with buttery lambskin, the Speedy possesses a soft, powdery touch that has captivated gentlemen since its introduction. Audrey Hepburn herself, a woman who understood the art of effortless elegance, famously requested a smaller version of the bag, birthing the Speedy 25.

While trends may come and go, one thing remains constant: a man’s need for security when carrying his everyday essentials. The Speedy caters to this with its ex-gold-polished metallic hardware and a side lock adorned with the house’s historic codes, ensuring not only style but also peace of mind.

The Speedy’s century-long legacy doesn’t burden it; instead, it imbues it with an air of timeless treasure. This bag is not just an accessory; it’s a chameleon of the “It-bag” world, constantly reinvented by artists and friends of the House. We have witnessed it blossom under the touch of Takashi Murakami, in a collaboration adorned with cherry blossoms. Then, Yayoi Kusama gave it a playful touch with her signature polka dots.

The latest iteration of the Speedy, the Millionaire Speedy 40 from Pharrell Williams’ first Men’s Collection for SS24, is a true culmination of the house’s savoir-faire. Meticulously hand-painted crocodile skin meets gleaming high-jewellery metallic accents, housed within a sleek, hard-sided frame. It’s a statement piece that’s as functional as it is breathtaking, a testament to Speedy’s enduring ability to adapt and evolve.


The Louis Vuitton Speedy is more than just a bag; it’s a symbol of the modern gentleman’s hustle. It’s a testament to timeless style, unwavering quality, and the boundless potential for reinvention. As the Speedy strides towards its centennial, one thing is certain: its legacy of hustle and timeless elegance is only just beginning.