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4 unconventional watches to spice up your collection

4 unconventional watches to spice up your collection

When it comes to watches, most people automatically picture the round shape on their wrists. And while this may be true for the majority of watches out there in today’s market every once in a while we see something really unique come out of watch brands. Here are five incredible options we think are worth checking out.

Zenith DEFY Revival A3691 (above)
Not only does this watch have an incredibly unique case shape, it even comes with a set of really unorthodox indices as well making it really stand out. This watch is part of Zenith’s Revival collection and was born from an important reference from 1971. The watch was recreated almost identical to its original model which represents one of the first watches in the DEFY collection to offer a colourful dial. Its weirdly shaped case was nicknamed coffre-fort which is French for bank vault or safe-deposit box. To top it all off, the watch is paired with an extremely unique Gay Frères steel “ladder” bracelet, which has now been updated with a more modern and ergonomic folding clasp.

Girard-Perregaux Laureato Absolute Light & Fire
The Laureato collection from Girard-Perregaux has always had an incredibly beautiful case. The combination of the octagonal bezel on a round case along with a textured dial is definitely unique, to say the least. With their latest iteration of the Laureato however they are taking the complexity of its case one step further by this time crafting it in a fully transparent polycrystalline material named YAG. Additionally, for the Laureato Absolute Light & Fire, they have very aptly given the watch a deeply enthralling red colour. Initially created to celebrate the Chinese New Year, we still think the almost ruby red of the case is something that could and perhaps should be worn throughout the year.

Longines Pilot Majetek
With more than 190 years of continuous history, the Longines manufacture undoubtedly has an incredibly rich history to draw inspiration. And from time to time you will see them digging into their archives to unearth interesting watches re-issued for the modern market. The new Pilot Majetek from Longines does exactly that by taking a model first registered in 1935 and giving it an overhaul for modern times. What it does keep is this very interesting cushion case shape and the conspicuous fluted bezel you see. The watch is fitted with the modern and reliable L893.6 calibre movement which has a silicon balance spring and 72 hours of power reserve.

Rado Diastar 60th Anniversary Edition
When the Diastar collection from Rado was launched in 1962 they were the first to use a particularly resistant tungsten carbide alloy called “Hardmetal” on a watch case which gave the Diastar a reputation for being a scratch-proof watch. 60 years later Rado, as a company, is still obsessed with using incredibly hard materials like ceramic to ensure not only are their watches scratch-proof but they retain their mirror-like shine over the years. So, for this anniversary edition, they used a material called Ceramos which combines metal and ceramic resulting in this unique case that will practically last forever.

Certina DS+
At first glance, the Certina DS+ may not look like it has a uniquely shaped case. This is only partially true as what is interesting about this collection is the fact that it offers a modular design that allows its wearer to change the case between six different shapes. The secret lies in the clever construction of the watch where the watch is separated into a watch head, watch case and strap. The watch head is round and can be pressed into one of six different case styles and simply screwed in using a separate crown. Additionally, an innovative gasket made of bio-sourced material ensures water won’t get trapped in the spaces between the case and the watch head.