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Gucci’s second High Watchmaking collection: Gucci Wonderland

Gucci’s second High Watchmaking collection: Gucci Wonderland

Having shown the world its innovative watchmaking proposition of merging Swiss technological excellence with the finest in Italian luxury design half a century ago, this year, Gucci marks 50 years of Swiss-made timepieces with a second high watchmaking collection, unveiled at Watches and Wonders Geneva 2022. Make no mistake, though: it’d be simple to opt to send press releases or merely spotlight the timepieces from a predictable showroom setting, but that isn’t Gucci –especially for a momentous occasion such as a 50th anniversary. How about a fun-filled event? That’s more like it, we say! 

Dubbed Gucci Wonderland, the fun fair of horological creations mirrored the atmosphere of the kaleidoscopic collection where refined yet whimsical complications of uncompromising standard appeared alongside the most precious rainbow-like gems and celestial wonders. From the magical fairground, three new watches emerged.

Besides its astoundingly sleek 8mm case and hypnotic open-worked dial, the retro-futuristic 25H Skeleton Tourbillon in 100% recycled gold boasts a new Gucci exclusive calibre flying tourbillon. It is designed with the objective to flatter the movement by creating an illusion of the mechanics hovering above the brushed and polished titanium bridges. With skeleton hands adding a subtle layering effect, the impressive craftsmanship of this watch is doubled by a flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock.

There’s nothing simple about the G-Timeless Planetarium. The 12 flashy princess-set gemstones wheel is activated at the touch of a button, making them rotate around the dial and shine a different colour in different lights. This is made possible due to the innovations of Gucci’s new Dancing Hours Flying Tourbillon calibre with a spellbinding diamond star at its centre. White, rose or yellow-gold variations adorned with green tsavorite, blue tanzanite, or yellow beryl rocks, the watch honours the high watchmaking’s heritage of fine technical detail which focuses on the dynamic fusion of new technology and timeless Italian style.

The fun fair extends all the way to the sky with the G-Timeless Moonlight. Crafted from natural meteorite, the dial within either a pink gold or a white gold case is handsomely decorated with planets and stellar diamonds, including star-shaped indexes. This watch dictates its own time to follow the 29.5-day lunar month and only needs to be adjusted every 360 years.

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