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The new Dior flagship boutique at 30 Montaigne

The new Dior flagship boutique at 30 Montaigne

With over two years of renovations, tinkling and refining, Dior has finished its renovations on 30 Avenue Montaigne — or as the brand calls it, the legendary hôtel particulier which means “mansion” in French — which was where Monsieur Dior himself set up shop back in 1946. While remaining the symbol of Dior’s savoir-faire for nearly 80 years (the building was Dior’s personal haute couture salon), the new 30 Montaigne is now the universe of the brand itself.

30M Facade 1949 © Association Willy Maywald AGDP

Spanning 10,000 square meters (slightly bigger than a football field, folks), the new 30 Montaigne houses everything from retail outposts to an exclusive private guest suite and of course, a boutique with exclusive pieces like ready-to-wear, bags, and shoes. And that is before we mention other elements of the House’s universes like multiple gardens, a gallery space, and a customised elevator.

If you’ll be in the hood (literally, 30 Avenue Montaigne), the new Dior café is available too at 30 Montaigne itself: a fine dining restaurant and pâtisserie positioned above a rose garden of which Monsieur Dior himself loved in his lifetime.