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Saint Laurent unveils the first Rive Driote’s Fanzine

Saint Laurent unveils the first Rive Driote’s Fanzine

Saint Laurent’s new magazine brings art and culture to life. As part of Rive Driote’s purpose to be a hub for the arts, FANZINE was created as a way for up-and-coming creatives to express their talent.

The first edition of the magazine features Londoner Indigo Lewin as guest editor. In it, she embarks on an unbiased investigation of the world around her. Making her friends as her primary subjects, the nature of Lewin’s work invokes a sense of nostalgia and familiarity.

Although this first issue of FANZINE is an invitation of connection, Lewin’s tenderness in her writing and personal notes reflects a diary-like setting that almost feels like an invasion of her privacy. The intimacy within her work feels all too familiar yet foreign, with the rise of lockdowns worldwide and relentless virus swarming the globe. Lewin’s gallery of work is an escape that reminds us of the truth behind deeply personal and treasured moments in life — that nothing is permanent.


An exhibition of Indigo’s work will be on display for a limited time in the Saint Laurent Rive Droite Paris and Los Angeles stores from September 16.