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KongsiKL and REXKL collaborate for a new artistic affair

KongsiKL and REXKL collaborate for a new artistic affair

Aspace that caters for wonders and possibilities, REXKL is a common ground for creative heads, from music festivals and mini concerts to art installations and exhibitions to film screenings and Wayang Kulit shows, to come together under the one roof.

This year, REXKL is joining forces with the KongsiKL community, Kongsi Petak to bring a multidisciplinary collaborative performance series namely Seni Tiga. Runs voluntarily by Loke Soh Kim, Low Pey Sien and Mah Jun Yi, the project focuses on the three art forms – movement, visual and sound presents by a selected group of new, uprising or established groups of artists with their own interpretations of structured performance.

This one-of-a-kind initiative brings a few numbers of noteworthy site-specific performances with the ideology of developing artistic experimentations with limited resources. Prior to the collaboration with REXKL, Seni Tiga was presented in KongsiKL, a rejuvenated old stainless-steel factory located along the ever-bustling road of Jalan Klang Lama.

The previous edition saw 10 noteworthy shows performed over 10 months in the rustic yet eccentric warehouse, from dance to art installations to spoken words and film screenings, just to name a few. Performances like Body Riddle, Remnant Vision and Bind; A State of Mind saw dancers in their expressively complex moves danced to the music created by different talented sound artists, over distinctively conceptualised visual projections, while performers for 11:11- A Tribute to Loving, Impermanence and Foundry worked with the quality of light and weather for their artistic presentations.

Unlike Seni Tiga 2019, the new chapter this time round is set to bring another eight incredible performances, where two exhibitions will take place every three months at two different locations: KongsiKL and REXKL. The first show, Sampans Upon Salty Eddies is scheduled to take place at REXKL in June 2020. The latest installation will see collaborations between dancers, sound masters and visual artists, working on a meditating performance about diasporic migration across the Indomalayan realm.



For more information, log on to www.kongsikl. com or visit REXKL’s social platforms; Facebook and Instagram at @hellorexkl for more updates.