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Wow your brows

Wow your brows

For years, the art of eyebrow grooming was predominantly a female interest, but the game is changing. Come 2019, eyebrow grooming is as important as getting your monthly haircut or weekly beard trim because wild, busy brows flatter no man. To help your brows look their best and camera-ready, we speak to Shanice Yong (@browqueen_shanice), national brow artist for Benefit Malaysia, to get the lowdown on whipping your own eyebrows into shape.


How does having groomed brows make a difference to someone’s face?

Groomed brows help to give an overall groomed appearance and a good impression. They also frame the eyes and give an instant “lifted” look to your face.


More men are starting to use eyebrow products. What are your tips for them?

Don’t be scared. It’s not about drawing and sketching and things like that for men. It’s about enhancing. Brow grooming is about keeping them trim, not thin. Because typically, men are much hairier than women. So use brow products to enhance what you already have, just like what you do with your hair and your beard.


What are some key rules for guy brow grooming?

Don’t groom your brow on your own. It’s still best to go to a pro. Seek the help of a professional before you attempt any kind of brow change. Benefit Brow Bar is here to help.


Is there a most common mistake people, especially guys, make with their brows?

The worst thing a man can do to his brows is to overdo them. Too heavy, too dark brows look shocking and unnatural. For guys, you don’t’ want your brows to look too slick. In short, keep it subtle. Use products to define the shape of your brows and to fill in any gaps of sparse areas. That’s it.


What’s the best way to groom your brows? Waxing or threading?

A 100% waxing. Waxing is like sculpting because it’s very flexible. So when you put it on the skin, you can take, adjust, and design it while it’s already in its natural position. Here at Benefit, we do the brow mapping technique before waxing; it gives our customers an individual result, ensuring perfectly arched brows that flatter any face and every feature, so you can achieve fuller looking brows true to what you were born with.


Can you take us through the process of a Benefit Brow wax?

It begins with a consultation and brow mapping (where we determine where your individual brows should start and finish), followed by a health disclaimer form for the waxing to be signed. Next, we clean the brow area and apply a thin layer of oil to protect the skin. We check the wax temperature before placing it on your skin to shape your brows. Next, brow hairs are trimmed and tweezing is carried out to define the shape of your brows. Finally we cleanse and soothe the skin (removing wax residue and applying cooling gel); before concealing any redness with a concealer and styling your brow using our brow products.


How often should Benefit Brow Bar customers come to have their brows touched up?

Depending on brow growth, every three to four weeks is a good time frame.


Can you suggest some essential brow products for men’s eyebrow grooming?

A brow pencil, BROWVO! Conditioning eyebrow primer and Benefit Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel.


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