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ZEGNA’s Oasi Lino campaign stars Mads Mikkelsen

ZEGNA’s Oasi Lino campaign stars Mads Mikkelsen

Fourth and Gemini extend Global Ambassador Mads Mikkelsen’s reach for the launch of the new “ZEGNA in Summer” campaign.

Our final instalment from our outing with Men’s Folio’s May 2024 print cover stars Fourth and Gemini culminates in an exclusive image with ZEGNA, celebrating the launch of the house’s Summer 2024 campaign featuring Mads Mikkelsen.

Sharing Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori’s vision of lightness for the season, this new campaign sees the Global Ambassador searching for an Oasi Lino in our world, wearing iconic ZEGNA staples from the Oasi Lino collection — including the Alba Overshirt, Triple Stitch Espadrilles and the new Orizzonte II Sunglasses.

As one of the leaders of the Italian brand’s 232 community of visionaries who are united by a commitment to excellence and bold decision-making, Mikkelsen flaunts the fabric-making expertise of ZEGNA in Italy in his odyssey, the world’s finest flax fibres travelling to Italy before being transformed into the relaxed silhouettes that accompany his search for the highest form of luxury across a variety of serene locations: each a potential abode for slowing down and disconnecting from city life, a place were ZEGNA’s dreams of a life lived offline can come true.

Embodying the latest development of the brand’s Road to Traceability, all Oasi Lino fabrics are crafted from flax fibres that ZEGNA commits to certifying as 100% traceable from 2024. Since 1910, the real OASI ZEGNA in the Italian Alps has been reforested with over 500,000 trees and counting — only making this upcoming season all the more of a victory for the brand, which continues to forge new sustainable ground.

The campaign was celebrated globally in Shanghai on 23 May, with Mads Mikkelsen and other Friends of the House enlivening the VILLA ZEGNA OASI LINO. For one week only, this sensorial experience of the house’s new summer spirit is open to esteemed guests of ZEGNA.

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